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Thread: If/When Triple H Assumes Control Of WWE....

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    If/When Triple H Assumes Control Of WWE....

    What do you think would be the chance of Triple H being willing to do a cross promotional show between WWE and New Japan Pro Wrestling, or at least New Japan and NXT? I'm just asking based on what we seem to know regarding Triple H and how he does things in regards to his approach to other promotions.I guess one reason I'm curious is due to Chris Jericho kinda sorta technically being a 10 time Intercontinental Champion after defeating Tetsuya Naito at Dominion and how much of a shame it'll be that it'll never be acknowledged in any way by WWE if/when Chris Jericho makes is way back to WWE. He's not a 10 time WWE Intercontinental Champion but I thought it'd be sort of fitting to refer to Jericho as a 10 time IC champ because he actually is and because WWE loves using ultra technical crap whenever it suits them. Hell, the less sense a technicality makes, the more they try to squeeze it into things.

    I suppose another factor in my musings about it is WWE's expansion into the UK and the working relationships formed with companies like Evolve and Progress Wrestling, something that I believe Triple H is the driving force behind but has been allowed to cultivate by Vince because those companies are only at a certain level when it comes to TV exposure when compared to WWE.

    After all, it'd be kinda cool to see something like Jericho vs. Rollins in a clash of the IC Champions or Styles vs. Omega and the numerous other potential dream matches anyone can come up with.
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    I have to imagine he'd consider it if the deal is good. I like that with Triple H, the possibility, however small, is on the table. Unlike Vince, who other than a snide remark at the competition's expense, would rather pretend he's the only option in pro-wrestling(**). To validate the possibility even further, take a look at NXT sending Kassius Ohno or Adam Cole to Evolve and other like-promotions. Not to mention the special appearance by Jushin Liger at a TakeOver in recent years.

    It's fun to imagine how cross promotion could further manifest. I remember when ECW showcased Michinoku Pro Wrestling at Barely Legal 97 by giving them a spot for a six man tag team match. Can you imagine WWE doing that? Hell, this sounds absolutely ridiculous, but imagine Night of Champions featured an Progress Championship match between two of Progress' own talents.

    **Correction while I research as I type, but MPW also worked with WWF on a few examples of talent exchanges. The way this working relationship ended, I wouldn't be surprised if this is what soured Vince on sharing with other companies.

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