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Thread: NXT UK Airing Next Week

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    NXT UK Airing Next Week

    It was announced earlier today that NXT UK's TV show will begin airing on the WWE Network this coming Wednesday at 3pm EST, whereas it'll be 8 pm in the United Kingdom itself. The matches will be called by Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness with Andy Shepard as ring announcer. Legendary British wrestler Johnny Saint is the GM and a British TV personality named Radzi Chinyanganya will conduct interviews backstage.

    Several episodes have already been taped, not sure when the next set of tapings will be but I'm sure the schedule has been worked out. I figured the show would be airing soon as the WWE crowned a UK Women's Champion via a tournament during these first episodes and said champion is supposed to defend her title at the Evolution ppv. Even if you don't actively read spoilers, enough time has gone by in which, by now, you've discovered who the champion is whether you intended to or not. For forum etiquette though, I won't spoil it on the off chance someone doesn't know.

    I'm assuming that Tripe H will be making the final creative decisions for NXT UK as he does for the original NXT, though I hope the show has something of a different atmosphere. Not that NXT isn't great, as it damn sure is in my eyes, but I just hope it just doesn't come off as "just" a WWE show featuring mostly UK and Australian wrestlers.
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    It just doesn't seem like essential viewing to me. If I hear about something being must watch I'll check it out, but like 205 Live, NXT and any other WWE show for that matter, I'll read about it and then decide if it's worth my time.

    Also I don't want to see superstars pigeonholed on a show when they're worth of being asset stripped on the main shows.

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