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Thread: WWE Monitoring Saudi Governments Reported Involvement In Death Of Journalist

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    Quote Originally Posted by BestSportsEntertainer
    Wow... And people somehow still think this is no big deal
    Didn't think of that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slyfox696 View Post
    Unless there's a drastic change in overall US position regarding the Saudis, I do not see the WWE pulling out of this show. At the end of the day, the giant hypocrite Lindsey Graham can say what he wants, but he and others clearly are not going to hold anyone accountable. I do not see the WWE pulling their show.
    The biggest thing at stake in regard to the geopolitical ramifications of this piss poor excuse for an interrogation turned shitty accidental hit-job (more on that later) is that letters of intent have already been signed by King Salman and King Trump in an effort to initiate the *deep breath* 2017 United States-Saudi Arabia arms deal.

    The President's explanation of why this deal is great was a series of non-sensical hand waving while exclaiming how good this deal will be in regard to how it would supposedly add over a half-million jobs for US workers.

    If the majority of US citizens share a public opinion (the most powerful and chaotic weapon in history) that Saudi Arabia is too toxic to engage with in regard to the arms deal, and it falls through, it would be advisable for the WWE to stay the fuck out of Saudi Arabia and anywhere else that Saudi Arabia has influence. While Saudi Arabia has shown a great deal of effort to progress past their hard-lined theocracy into a more socially-progressive and slightly less orthodox theocracy, they still hate having their money fucked with just like anyone else.

    The shitty interrogation that turned into a shitty hit-job, yeah. This is all hearsay by the way, take it with a grain of salt.

    So, apparently the plan was that Jamal Khashoggi would be apprehended, interrogated, and extradited to Saudi Arabia as retaliation for criticisms that he's shared about Prince Salman. The interrogation didn't go well, and Mr. Khashoggi was accidentally killed in the effort to get him to confess to crimes warranting extradition. The dork-squad had a plan-b, they had one of their members named Mustafa al-Madani wear a fake beard and Mr. Khashoggi's clothes before strolling out of the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul as if he was Mr. Khashoggi. The idea that a high-profile journalist going missing could raise some red flags apparently went over the heads of the assassins, they probably didn't think that they would have to deal with covering up a death in the first place.

    Saudi officials at first claimed that they didn't know where Mr. Khashoggi had gone, and that they're just as confused as everyone else as -- to their knowledge -- he left without incident and that was that. They had no explanation for why a clean-up crew arrived immediately prior to the expected arrival of a Turkish team of forensic investigators, the clean-up crew only showed up after the team of investigators were given permission to inspect the consulate. I believe that the official Saudi statement (made by Prince Salman) on the matter was that claims that Mr. Khashoggi had been killed were "Completely false and baseless".

    A "Senior Saudi Official" who requested to be anonymous apparently waffled and told Reuters that Mr. Khashoggi was supposed to be drugged and kidnapped, but he was accidentally killed in a chokehold because Mr. Khashoggi was resisting. Mind you; just prior to this statement, another anonymous (but not senior) Saudi official had told Reuters that Mr. Khashoggi died in a fist fight. If anything is certain with all of these fucking pathetic stories that are being thrown around by people who've apparently never seen an episode of Forensic Files or CSI, it's that the Prince was full of shit when he said with all certainty that it would be completely false and baseless to claim that Mr. Khashoggi was murdered. The changing stories were blamed on false information being shared internally, so my advice to officials in the Saudi government is to get their shit together before putting out a public statement on the death of a famous journalist.

    This was all apparently part of a bigger (but intentionally under the radar) effort by the Prince to extradite all dissidents (people who don't kiss his ass at every waking opportunity) of Saudi heritage back to Saudi Arabia to face trial, as indicated by intelligence documents that were shared with Reuters, because his feelings get hurt easily and he figures that acting like a pathetic asshole is the best way to overcome his demons.

    The most reliable series of events, as were relayed to Reuters, are that:

    Click for Spoiler:

    Step 1, lure Mr. Khashoggi to a safe house (?) and detain him there for a "period of time" where if he didn't agree to return to Saudi Arabia they would simply let him go. There's no step 2 to their plan to make the Prince less butthurt, which in the long run would have been a waste of time to plan anyway.

    Mr. Khashoggi was lured into the Consul General's office, and a member of the hit-squad named Maher Mutreb ditched the plan and told Mr. Khashoggi that he should just go to Saudi Arabia. Mr. Khashoggi refused and informed Mr. Mutreb that he had given instructions to someone (later revealed to have been his fianc Hatice Cengiz, he wasn't bluffing) to contact an aide to President Erdogan and inform them that he had gone missing.

    Mr. Mutreb decided to have a complete brain dump and explain to Mr. Khashoggi that the plan was to drug and kidnap him if he didn't comply and return to Saudi Arabia. Mr. Khashoggi became understandably irate at consciously hearing this news, and he began to scream what I can imagine was a series of loud noises meant to indicate that he was in distress.

    Not wanting these noises to persist, someone put Mr. Khashoggi in a chokehold and covered his mouth. This person apparently didn't realize that the human larynx is about as sturdy as a standard fucking paper towel tube, you could literally crush one with minimal force.

    Thinking fast, the dork-squad rolled Mr. Khashoggi's body into a rug and loaded it into a consular vehicle, likely the one that was found recently abandoned (vehicles don't just go missing, and nobody fucking says anything). Turkish officials believe that the body was dumped (intact) in the Belgrad Forest.

    A member of that dork-squad named Meshal Saad al-Bostani mysteriously died in a car crash in Riyadh on the 18th, literally four days ago.

    Also; the fifteen men who are suspected of carrying out the interrogation arrived together, and left together after the death took place. Which is pretty fucking stupid if, for better or worse, you would have wanted to hide the fact that all of this wasn't part of a fucked up plan by Prince Salman himself. Did they come there to hang out in Istanbul for a day? Whatever.

    Crown Jewel will likely happen by the skin of the WWE's teeth as the major fallout from this colossal geopolitical blunder is yet to come, and by and large most in the geopolitical community don't give a fuck about pro-wrestling.
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