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Thread: Video Game Chat

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    Shadow of the Colossus was one of those games that I played obsessively until I fully experienced every square inch of the map.

    In regard to the bow and arrow, keep an eye out for fruit and lizards. You can eat both, and both provide you with advantages.

    If you're inspired to play the game a second time, make sure to wait through the credits and save your game after they're through. You'll be able to play Time Attack mode on the second play-through by challenging Colossi statues that are in the main temple, and completing Time Attack boss fights in a short amount of time will earn you special items.
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    If the internet has taught me anything, it's that a show is either touched by God's mighty pen or Satan's diseased penis.

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    Video game scene has been kind of quiet for me the last few weeks. Although I am finally playing the expansion to Monster Hunter World; there hasn't really been any new games that have come out that have piqued my interest. I did buy Control; which is about a woman with telekinetic abilities stuck the headquarters of a government agency that's being overrun by a malicious telepathic force from another dimension. It's really fun. Picture Max Payne but with the ability to throw things with his mind.

    I know Borderlands 3 is out, but I never really dug the first 2. I don't have a Xbox One so I can't play Gears 5.

    I'm just waiting until November. That's when my next anticipated games are going to be released. Death Stranding, which I have still have no idea what that game is really going to be about. All I know is that it's made by Kojima and that name has rarely produced a bad game. I know it's open world and that there is combat in it, but most of what I've seen of the game makes it look like a life simulator akin to the Sims but with missions and much better graphics. Also coming up in November is Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Now this game looks amazing. One person who got to play it at one of those conventions said it was like God of War with a Lightsaber and force powers. It's semi open world and you can travel to different planets through out the game. It has the main campaign obviously but it's also going to have a lot of side missions. It's not going to be short like the Force Unleashed was. Right now the creators are estimating that if one just does the main campaign that it'll take 25-30 hours to finish, but if you do the side missions and other things along with the main campaign then it's going to take around 50-60 hours to finish. That's my kind of game. I just hope that it's good. EA's last few Star Wars games have been suspect at best.

    We'll see, but that's what's on the video game horizon for me.

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