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Thread: Donald Trump, The Choose Your Own Adventure

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    Donald Trump, The Choose Your Own Adventure

    You wake up in a large bed, and sit up suddenly in an excited manner.

    "IT WORKED!" you exclaim.

    "What worked my love?" a female voice asks from nearby.

    You look around to see that Melania Trump is standing next to the bed wearing a nightgown. Thinking, you can't remember what worked. You can't remember who you are, and you have no idea of why Melania Trump would be in your presence.

    "I think I need to go wash my face." You say. You bounce yourself on the bed until you're able to launch yourself to your feet, and sprint to an open room.

    "That's the closet Donald." Melania said.

    What do you do!?

    Slam the closet door, and start crying.

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    Melania becomes enraged at your stupidity, and she bull charges into the closet. You're speared through the wall, and later pass away from your injuries

    Laugh hysterically, and ask Melania where the bathroom is (while still laughing)

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    Melania points out the window to the moon.

    "The bathroom is on the moon?" you ask.

    Melania picks you up over her head, and throws you to the moon where you later drown in a giant bowl of chicken soup.
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    I want to like the idea, but I must admit I have no idea where this is going...

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