Now that I'll have a weekly TV show, the format will change a little. I will likely have it look more like Spidey's, just because I think his is easier on the eyes and flows better. It won't be a direct ripoff, but if his LP is Armageddon, mine is Deep Impact (which was the superior film.)

Those who follow the LP so far have probably noticed some semblance of story lines here and there. There will be a bit of an uptick in the amount of story line segments as opposed to just random "Oh hey, Wrestler X is in the locker room" stuff. Will there be men in rubber suits taking spears? Probably, that shit was funny.

In game I am currently on the morning of my first show, and we already ran into an issue. Joey Ryan was my American Champion, but had Lucha Underground as a higher priority, so he took potential bookings from them over me. He was my American Champion. With his taping schedule, he would miss the majority of our TV shows, so I stripped him of the title. He got a little upset, so I had to let him go. I also had to let his wife, Laura James, go as well because she was rightfully upset. Because I'm not a monster, I sent her off with a 5k bonus since she just popped that baby out and is still unable to wrestle for ten weeks. At least we will get a fun vacant title announcement. I also chose to release PAC and Taya Valkyrie due to their commitment to LU over me and Hikaru Shida due to her preference to tour with Ice Ribbon. Now that we are on TV, I want to make sure the OVW becomes a bigger priority for my roster. The four would be missing a lot of TV shows, and I can't have that. I don't mind outside booking, but I need to make sure the talent I hire is available for my TV schedule. I feel bad, but it needed to be done.

Going into my first show, here is my roster, sorted by push. It isn't the full roster, as there are a couple of surprises in store.

Main Event
Carlito Colon
Chris Adonis (Chris Masters)
Dave Batista
Jack Gallagher
James Storm
Jaxx (Nia Jax)
La Sombra (Andrade)
Rebecca Knox (Becky Lynch)
Trinity (Naomi)

Upper Midcard
Aaron Solo
Aaron Stevens (Damien Sandow)
Eddie Colon (Primo)
Foxxy (Alicia Fox)
Jay Bradley (Aiden O'Shea in TNA/Ryan Braddock in WWE)
Orlando Colon (Epico)
Robbie E

Afa Anoa'i Jr (Manu of WWE fame)
Amazing Red
Barry Ryan (Mason Ryan)
Curry Man
Dick Justice
Fallah Bahh
Jax Dane
Kris Wolf
Michael Dante
Paige Turner
Ricky Starks
Ruby Raze
Ryan Nova
Shad Gaspard
Sugar Dunkerton

Lower Midcard
Brian Pillman Jr
Christian Rose
Flip Gordon
Gabby Ortiz
Jervis Cottonbelly
Josh Woods
Matt Cage
Mr 450
Princessa Sugehit
The Shard

Blaster McMassive
Cody Hall
Miranda Salinas
Zeda Zhang

DDP serves as the on air authority figure. Former authority figure Christy Hemme serves as backstage interviewer and hosts the talk show "Impact Exposure." Bruce Prichard manages Chris Adonis. Stevie Richards works as an agent and also manages Sugar Dunkerton. My self insert owner works as play by play announcer, while Gregory Helms does color commentary in character as The Hurricane. Former Impact referee Brian Stiffler is my head official. My other full time official is Justin King, who was the token black ref in WWE at one time and has also worked for Impact. Mike Bucci, better known as Nova in ECW and Simon Dean in WWE, serves as my head agent. Truly, I need to hire Blue Meanie so bWo can run wild all over my product.

Current Champions
OVW World Heavyweight - Chris Adonis
OVW Tag Team - James Storm and Rhino
OVW Women's - Jaxx
OVW Cruiserweight - Curry Man
OVW American - Vacant