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Thread: Yaz Runs OVW in TEW 2016: A Subpar LP

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Deliverer of Mail View Post
    This is interesting. How much of the actual show do you control? Are the segments and matches all automated? Plus, Scott Steiner would be pissed even if he won, he's always pissed, he's Scott Steiner.
    You book the segments and matches. You can pick which type of segment you want from a list, or you can write your own. The more generic segments are from the list, but the detailed ones I write myself.

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    So James Storm screwed me. He was set to win the tournament and take the title off RVD in a ladder match at the next show. He took a New Japan booking and left me having to replace him. I think my eventual replacement will be good.

    OVW Presents: Steel Vengeance 2019
    Live from Valparaiso, Indiana

    Backstage Incidents
    The usual group, minus Pac, took other bookings. Joey Ryan is still unable to compete due to injury.

    Pre Show
    Mr. 450 vs Robbie E E+
    In a poor pre-show match, Robbie E defeated Mr 450 in 7:18 by pinfall with a Boom Drop.
    Road Agent Notes: Mr. 450 debuted his Show Stealer gimmick, rated as Awful.

    Jervis Cottonbelly & Fallah Bahh vs. The War Kings E+
    In a poor pre-show match, The War Kings defeated Jervis Cottonbelly and Fallah Bahh in 6:14 when Crimson defeated Fallah Bahh by pinfall with a Mercy Kill.
    Road Agent Notes: Jervis and Bahh showed excellent chemistry tagging together.

    Angelico vs Jigsaw E+
    In a poor pre-show match, Angelico defeated Jigsaw in 7:25 by submission with a Cruceta Invertida.

    Afa Anoi's Jr vs Amazing Red vs Ryan Nova vs Scott Parker E+
    In a poor pre-show match, Amazing Red defeated Afa Anoa'i Jr, Ryan Nova and Scott Parker in 10:18 when Amazing Red defeated Scott Parker by pinfall with a Code Red.

    Main Show

    Segment: A fan video airs showing Rob Van Dam arriving to the arena earlier in the day. James Storm jumps him from behind and leaves him laying. As production workers rush to help Van Dam, a truck engine is heard. Storm speeds toward Van Dam, who just manages to get out of the way as Storm crashes into another car. C-

    Segment: Christy Hemme is in the ring. She explains Storm has been fined and sent home. She says we have a tournament to carry on with and introduces Pac as the replacement. Pac comes out and plays to the crowd. E+
    Road Agent Notes: Pac has debuted his Underdog gimmick, rated as Average.

    Extra Talented vs Team Titan D-
    In a bout that had a decent reaction from the crowd but sub-par wrestling, Extra Talented defeated Team Titan in 8:32 when Barry Ryan got disqualified after going into a rage and refusing to stop assaulting Aaron Solo.

    Chris Adonis carried the match in terms of in-ring performance.

    Cliff Compton vs Michael Dante E+
    In a poor match, Cliff Compton defeated Michael Dante in 6:13 by pinfall with a Cliffhanger.
    Road Agent Notes: Cliff Compton was really off his game.

    Segment: A video airs hyping Aaron Stevens and KENTA. D-

    KENTA vs Aaron Stevens C-
    In a bout that had great wrestling and good heat, KENTA defeated Aaron Stevens in 7:47 by pinfall with a Go to Sleep.
    Road Agent Notes: KENTA debuted his Bad Ass gimmick, rated as Poor.

    ACDC vs Cryme Tyme(c) - OVW Tag Team Titles D-
    In a bout that had a decent reaction from the crowd but sub-par wrestling, Cryme Tyme defeated ACDC in 11:05 when Shad Gaspard defeated Darin Corbin by pinfall with a Thugnificent. Cryme Tyme make defence number 3 of their OVW Tag Team titles.
    Road Agent Notes: Arik Cannon was really off his game.

    Segment: A video airs hyping Carlito Colon and Pac. E+

    Pac vs Carlito Colon C-
    In a bout that had good wrestling and a decent reaction from the crowd, Pac defeated Carlito Colon in 11:51 by pinfall with a Corkscrew Shooting Star Press.

    Colt Cabana vs Taya Valkyrie D
    In a decent match, Taya Valkyrie defeated Colt Cabana in 8:06 by pinfall, illegally using the ropes for leverage.
    Road Agent Notes: Colt Cabana seemed off his game. Taya Valkyrie is getting better at his gimmick.

    Jay Bradley vs Sugar Dunkerton vs Cortez D-
    In a bout that had a decent reaction from the crowd but sub-par wrestling, Jay Bradley defeated Sugar Dunkerton and Cortez in 7:47 when Jay Bradley defeated Cortez by pinfall with a Boomstick.
    Road Agent Notes: Sugar Dunkerton was really off his game. Cortez sold his opponent's offense well, seeming to accept his punishment.

    Segment: Rob Van Dam says that James Storm won't keep him out of action. He cuts a promo on Hurricane Helms, saying he wishes him luck but that Van Dam is The Whole Dam Show for a reason. D

    Hurricane Helms vs Rob Van Dam(c) - OVW World Heavyweight Championship D
    In a bout that had great heat and decent wrestling, Rob Van Dam defeated Hurricane Helms in 12:57 by pinfall with a Five Star Frog Splash. Rob Van Dam makes defence number 3 of his OVW World Heavyweight title.
    Road Agent Notes: Hurricane Helms was visibly tiring toward the end of the match. RVD is getting better at his gimmick.

    KENTA vs Pac C
    In a bout that had superb wrestling and a decent reaction from the crowd, Pac defeated KENTA in 15:19 by pinfall with a Shooting Star Senton.

    Segment: After the match, KENTA and Pac shake hands in a show of respect. E+

    Segment: Rob Van Dam comes down to the ring and gives Pac a nod of respect. They both promise to go home with the title when they face off. Van Dam holds the title high. D+

    Overall Rating - C-

    Post Show Notes
    OVW's popularity increased in all 11 US regions.
    375 of 500 tickets sold.
    Pac and KENTA were complimented on good performances. Both seemed pleased. Sugar Dunkerton was given some encouragement. He seemed pleased.
    Aaron Stevens complained about his push, saying he needs to be booked stronger.

    Trent wrestled for NJPW. No one else was used.

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    OVW News and Hirings
    Trent and Chuck Taylor were both released, as they continued to complain about their booking despite not actually taking bookings with me.
    Tenille Dashwood was also released as she asked for a pay increase.
    Chikara released Flip Gordon after only a month, so I swooped in and signed him up.

    Major April Shows
    WWE Fastlane 2019
    Daniel Bryan defeated Luke Gallows to retain the WWE Title
    Baron Corbin defeated Bobby Lashley to retain the Universal Title
    Buddy Murphy retained the CW Title in a triple threat
    Ronda Rousey defeated Sarah Logan by count out to retain the Raw Women's Title
    Nikki Cross defeated Naomi to retain the Smackdown Women's Title
    Dean Ambrose defeated Adam Cole by DQ to retain the IC Title
    Rusev defeated Luke Harper by DQ to retain the US Title
    Roode and Gable defeated The Ascension to retain the Raw Tag Team Titles
    The Bar defeated AOP by count out to retain the Smackdown Tag Team Titles

    NJPW Invasion Attack 2019
    Kenny Omega defeated KUSHIDA to retain the IWGP Heavyweight Title
    The Guerrillas of Destiny defeated The Prestige to retain the IWGP Tag Team Titles
    Cody defeated Alberto El Patron
    Kota Ibushi defeated YOH to retain the NEVER Openweight Title

    ROH Supercard of Honor XII
    The Addiction defeated Hangman Page and Jay Lethal
    Mark Briscoe defeated Cody in the newly christened ROH Super Tournament

    Impact One Night Only: Redemption 2019
    Johnny Impact defeated Matt Sydal to retain the Impact World Title
    LAX vs OVE went to a no contest

    April World News
    ROH was sold to Cary Silkin
    ICW, NOAH, MLW, and ZERO 1 all cut a fair number of lower card talent
    Marina Shafir was released from NXT.
    Harley Race passed away at the age of 75. His wrestling school, Harley Race's Wrestling Academy closed down shortly after.
    Perro Aguayo Sr passed away at the age of 73.
    In a 'Kenny Death' Jak Domitrescu died after contracting a rare and fast acting tropical disease from eating expired pineapple.
    Rich Swann and Su Yung divorced.
    Zelina Vega announced she was pregnant.
    Chris Jericho and Billy Corgan announced a three month world tour. This surely is the wrestling and musical colab we need.
    Steve Lombardi (The Brooklyn Brawler) started his own academy, Steve Lombardi Dojo.
    Riki Choshu was inducted into the games Hall of Immortals.

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    Breaking News!

    Three divorces have taken place in the first week of May.
    John Hennigan (Johnny Impact/John Morrison) and Taya Valkyrie have split.
    Tommy End (Aleester Black) and Thea Trinidad (Zelina Vega) split.
    And the big one.

    Click for Spoiler:
    Vince and Linda McMahon! This has caused WWE to enter into a tumultuous time as legal battles are taking place for ownership of the company.

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