Real Name: Garth Wilson

Gimmick Name: Garth Black

Announced As: Garth Black

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 210 lbs (announced as 15 stone)

Hometown: Rhyl, Wales

Billed: Last Chance Saloon

Alignment: Heel (but cheered by neck beards and young men, like the opposite of Cena)


----------------Hair Colour/Length - Shaved bald

----------------Eye Colour - Blue

----------------Facial Hair - 5 o'clock shadow

----------------Ring attire - Long blue wrestling tights, black boots, black knee pads and arm pads.

----------------Backstage Attire - Wrestling attire, plus t-shirt of current WZCW face with "I hate" scrawled above their name.

----------------Physical Features - heavily scarred arms

----------------Tattoos - Celtic knot around upper right bicep, Gallileo's drawing of the moons of Jupiter on left bicep, words to "If..." by Rudyard Kipling on left side of Torso

Sample Pic of Wrestler:

Main Gimmick: Bitter wrestler who has seen many inferior to him elevated to superior status.

2 Characteristics of Gimmick: - Wrestler is straight talking, anti-authority
- Can be occasionally cheered if he is picking on a bigger heel

Brief Bio/History: Grew up frequently wrestling with friends on trampolines at home. Sold everything he had so that he could go to Mexico and learn how to be a luchador. He became an overnight success with the crowd loving the fact that he was taller than most luchadors. All was great, until one month where he lost his mask, his girlfriend left him, and he missed his mother’s death back in Wales. He transformed from a happy-go-lucky character into being a loner who avoided all contact. However, he later found education as a way of getting over his problems. He went to good schools and travelled to Mexico on a world tour, where he fell in love with ucha libre. Used his intellect to win a game show and used the money to become a pro-wrestler. His melanchlic insecurities have led him to believe he is still better than anybody else, and he is therefore very condescending.

He then entered WZCW, where despite winning the adulation of the audience and the tag team titles, he descended into a life of drug and alcohol abuse. and sexual addiction, a story completely unheard of in wrestling. In the time he has been away, this downward spiral continued to the point he had a near death experience whilst driving his car intoxicated. Now, having been to rehab, he has returned to the fray looking to make amends for wasting years of his career.

Frequently had the Mr. Kennedy treatment due to injuries curtailing his push. Here to make it happen this time.

Entrance Music:

Entrance Description: Garth walks down to the ring purposefully, carrying a bottle of water. On the way down to the ring he looks into the camera, John Cena style and says something specific to the match at hand. On the way down to the ring, he takes his local sports shirt off and gives it to a fan in the audience. When he gets to the ring, he slowly climbs in, acknowledges the crowd, has a drink of the water before tossing the bottle out of the ring.

Fighting Style: Ground based, mat wrestling, with occasional journeys to the top rope

Previous Injuries/Character Psyche: Gained weight since drug problem, fewer aerial moves as a result. Weak ankle from accident. Can lack the killer instinct as lacks confidence without substances

Finishing Moves (2 max):

Black Out (Go 2 Sleep)
The Come Down (Leap of Faith, if not off the turnbuckle, off absolutely mental shit - ladder, cage, titantron, Burj Khalifa etc.)

Signature Moves (3 max):

12 Step Programme (whips the opponent into turnbuckle, the classic 10 punches, jumps down, kick to the opponent, followed by monkey flip)
Getting On the Wagon (Ho Train)
Black death (Haas of Pain)

12 Most Used Moves:

diving elbow
flying body splash
russian leg sweep
northern lights suplex
german suplex
belly to belly suplex
judo throw
when someone grabs the bottom rope from a submission hold, he lifts their legs up and drops their body to the mat