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Thread: AS 125 | Vlad Azarov vs PC Stevie Broon

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    AS 125 | Vlad Azarov vs PC Stevie Broon

    One is desperate to bounce back. The other makes his return. Or is it return?

    Formally known as Vee ADZ, Vlad Azarov appears and takes on PC Stevie Broon

    Ascension 125 will emit from the SAP Center in San Jose, CA

    Roleplay Deadline will be February 13. Extensions may vary.

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    Please read the RP in application thread before this.

    (All the events occurred in Romania and the common language used by all the characters are Romanian or Italian. For the readers’ convenience, dialogues are transcribed in English)

    Two weeks after Vlad Azarov has been reemployed by WZCW

    A pool of bright neon light filled the room through the large French windows. Despite the wind howling through the naked trees on the outside, silence laid against the neatly drawn carpeted floor and beautifully painted walls. It was one of the coldest nights in Bucharest. Vlad was sitting over an Indian-designed hearthrug and gazing as the flames slowly engulf the wooden logs. All the beautiful furniture that decorated the room hasn’t had any human to appreciate their elegance ever since Vlad rented the place. He gulped the remaining whiskey from the Glencairn glass and placed it over the hearthrug. The silence was disrupted by a loud bang on the door. Vlad slowly turned his head towards the door to look at the door across the desolated hall. Another bang was heard before he could climb on his feet. He tottered his way towards the door and opened it conveniently.

    Three months ago…

    The unlubricated large metal doors made maddening noise as it was slid open. One of the two persons who had ever stepped foot inside that ghastly solitary confinement was Dr. Marco Paternoster. He didn’t feel hostile upon entering the room anymore, for the putrid smell of blood has long gone. He was welcomed warmly by, once the notoriously dangerous inmate of the Kathmandu High Security for Mentally Handicapped, Vlad Azarov. It had been two months since he was transferred to Craiova Institute under the supervision of Dr. Paternoster.

    "Doctor…", greeted Vlad.

    “How are you today Vlad?”, Dr. Paternoster questioned as he signalled the guards to leave the door.

    "Nothing’s changed as far as I can say"
    , mumbled Vlad through the overgrown moustache and untrimmed beard which covered most part of his upper lip.

    “As far as I am concerned, you are doing so much progress. I see the real problem is being inside the solitary confinement”.

    “How do you see that as a problem?", questioned Vlad with a subtle smile across his lips.

    “This is the third time in the last three weeks you’ve denied moving you out of the solitary confinement. Either you are afraid of facing the other inmates or insecure about yourself. Perhaps worrying that you might turn violent again?”

    Vlad raised his chin and gave a wan smile.

    “I expected you’d cooperate Vlad”, the doctor reassuringly placed his hands over Vlad’s shoulder.

    "What difference does it make? Inside the solitary confinement or outside, I still am deemed as a violent inmate, mentally unstable or as you’ve reported in your patient history as Dissociative Identity Disorder”.

    “Well… to be honest, you are making far better progression than any of the inmates in our facility”, he replied with a witty smile.

    “What difference does it make?”

    “I’ll tell you what, why don’t we have a couple of hour-long counselling session. Along with my colleagues, I’ll make a complete evaluation of your reports and consider moving you out of the Asylum but only to a place which won’t make you feel like a prison”.

    "Under a supervision? Hm sounds good"
    “Are you Vlad Azarov?”, the policeman at the door step questioned.

    It was in fact a rhetorical question; he already was holding a picture of Vlad in his hand and a file back in his car with the medical history of Vlad.

    Vlad didn’t look amused nor he cared for the policeman standing in front of him. He looked past him the police car residing on the street. A pretty woman with slender arms and long neck was trying to hide her head under the half-opened window of the backseat.

    Vlad sent a smile to her direction, which visibly terrified her. She quickly rolled the window up and murmured something into a small microphone she was holding.

    “Who’s asking?”, Vlad turned to the Policeman with a polite smile.

    “Marius Massari, detective from Bucharest Police Department”

    “Why don’t you come in?”.

    Vlad slide his hand to the back of the door and reached for something. Sensing something wicked about the situation, Det. Massari pushed the door open against the defiance of Vlad and another Policeman lunged forward and took Vlad down. Before anyone can comprehend the commotion happening at the doorstep, Vlad was apprehended by the two policemen and was pushed out of his apartment.

    Without any riotousness, Vlad followed the policemen’s instruction and walked ahead of them, not before he turned behind to give a supercilious look.

    “You are making a mistake”.

    The second policeman hurried to the car and opened the door. The slender woman stepped out of the car with a petrified look on her face. Vlad passed a pompous look at her direction and beamed as he walked away hastily.

    Three Weeks ago…

    A familiar slender figure closed the door as Vlad enters the office of Dr. Paternoster. He paced himself to the sofa and sat down comfortably. Dr. Paternoster gathered his file and grabbed a pen from his table and sat on a Barcelona chair.

    “I have a problem in my back. I can’t lay my arms on armrest for too long”, the doctor smiled as he sat down.

    “I doubt I’ll be here for too long, doctor”, asserted Vlad.

    “Interesting… Considering that we planned for an hour-long counselling, the statement baffles me”.

    Vlad reciprocated the incredulous thought of the doctor with an assuring smile. He sat forward facing the doctor with his hands clutched between his legs.

    “I don’t know, doctor. It doesn’t have much significance”.

    “Anything you say has significance, Vlad. Let’s get to that later. I want to question you about your recent behaviour. I mean, I’m not assessing your behaviour as violent or erratic but a little ambiguous. You are very confident and secure ever since you moved out of the Asylum. However, your behaviour towards others, except me, is quite not convincing. Your supervisor, Marina, is terrified of you. If I must be clear, she claims that you are not the same person when you leave my office.”.

    The doctor said while looking at his notepad. For a moment, there was an uncomfortable silence resided between them but was abruptly disrupted by a slight giggle from Vlad.

    “That poor little birdie. I don’t know what the previous supervisor had told her about me, but I tell you this, not very good things. She doesn’t even talk to me. All I hear from her is formal greetings”.

    “The thing is…”, the doctor was interrupted by a subdued knock on the door.

    “It must be Marina”, Vlad said excitingly.

    The doctor was quite baffled by the excitement that spread across Vlad’s face. However, he called her in. Marina, the slender woman with long neck, walked slowly inside the room, avoiding her eyes catching the shadow of Vlad. She bent forward towards Dr. Paternoster and whispered something inaudible in his ears.

    “Yes, you can leave”, he replied with a smile.

    There is still a bit of concern adorned her face. She murmured something again into his ears, nonetheless, the smile in the doctor’s face didn’t fade.

    “Yes, I understand the situation. I’ve arranged for Boyle until you return back”, he said softly with a reassuring smile.

    She responded with a very short smile of her own and scurried off the room, but not before giving a quick look at Vlad. He was arching his back to the sofa, not resenting about the whole situation. He didn’t look back at her, nevertheless, he sensed her look and a sharp smile grew across his lips. She probably had noticed it; when she went outside the room and closed the door, her face was flushed with fear. The entire duration when she was in the room, she felt the presence of a condescending predator ogling her every step.
    Her face was still flushed with fear when she hid behind the police officer when Vlad was pushed inside the car. The police vehicle rushed through the streets of Bucharest. Vlad was sitting serenely on the backseat. Det. Marius turned to give a peremptory at Vlad occasionally, but Vlad was unmoved. He didn’t even budge, not even a scorn on his face. He knew exactly on what grands he was accused of, more importantly, he had a bizarre intrepid look on his face.

    Vlad was cuffed to the table in the debriefing room. The detective was talking something undisguisable outside the room with a short black-haired woman. He patted softly on her shoulders in a reassuring manner and sent her with his partner. Upon entering the debriefing room, he gave a scorn look at Vlad before positioning himself in a chair across the accused.

    “Are you aware on what charges you’re being brought here? Or have you done more heinous crimes than you can remember?”, grunted Det. Marius Massari.

    “I have no idea of what you are talking about”, Vlad claimed after a brief moment.

    “Let’s cut to the chase, Vlad Azarov. You are brought in here as the prime suspect in the disappearance and possible homicide of Dr. Marco Paternoster!”.

    The glass walls in the briefing room echoed the maniacal laugh of Vlad. He continued to laugh hysterically; while the detective looked baffled, at the same time, was fuming in rage.

    ”Let’s get back to where we are at, Vlad. You showed such an improvement in your behaviour and attitude towards everyone when you were in the Asylum. Ever since I evaluated you and released you off the hook under the supervision… or let’s just say, house arrest, your behaviour has changed for worse. Everyone who I assigned to supervise you are terrified of you. I mean, you aren’t physically assaulting or abusing them, but they seem to be terrified. We really need to talk about this. I don’t mean that anyway you must be locked inside the solitary confinement again, however, … I’m considering moving you back to the asylum. I hope you understand what might happen if you just relapse”, Dr. Paternoster concluded.

    Vlad lets out a chuckle and climbed to his feet. He reached his hands for the glass of water on the table. The doctor was a little concerned about the situation, although, there is no riotous behaviour from Vlad. His silence was more terrifying.

    “I’ll tell you a short you story, doctor. Before that, I would you to sign me a certificate, clearing me medically to go back to wrestling”, Vlad retorted.

    “I’m curious about the story though. Why don’t we start from there before discussing about your clearance to wrestle?”, the doctor replied calmly.

    “As a matter of fact, I have two stories. Based on your response to my medical clearance, I’d decide to tell you the appropriate one”.

    “You know what I was just saying about your behaviour, Vlad. You know, I can’t give you the medical clearance”, the doctor gave a dissatisfying reply.


    Before Vlad can say anything further, the doctor picked the glass from Vlad and poured water for his own and securely held the glass close to him.

    “Sorry for disappointing you but I’m afraid, we can’t continue this counselling session any further”.

    Blood rushed to his face and he felt the chillness of the water through the glass he was holding. He was one of the best psychiatrists in all Central Europe. He could sense when a patient is about to relapse and always had known how to respond to the situation if arose. However, what he sensed now is a presence of a dominating vigour in the room. He didn’t feel safe and he knew how to handle this situation, or that’s what he believed.

    “Can you please tell me why we can’t continue now?”, questioned Vlad.

    “You see, Marina just told me that my wife called said that my son has a medical emergency we’ve to attend immediately. I hope you understand”.

    “Parental duties can’t wait, can they, doctor? Though, I find some contradictions about what you’ve said”.

    Vlad arched back to the sofa, crossed leg over the other and placed his hand firmly to the knee roll. The doctor, assessing the situation, remained calm. He politely spoke back to Vlad.

    “What do you mean contradictions?”

    “One, Marina is going on a date with her 4 and a half month-long boyfriend, Daniale and she came to ask your permission to leave early. Secondly, your wife and your son are in Italy since last Friday”.

    Dr. Paternoster felt chillness creep through his veins, although, he tried to subside Vlad with his soothing voice.

    “I think you’ve mistaken something, Vlad”, he paused, “Why don’t we discuss about this another day? I’ll consider issuing a Medical Clearance for you”.

    ”Fear… it breaks all the morality and serenity in man, doesn’t it, doctor?”, Vlad raised to his feet.

    He paced around the doctor to the office desk. He traced his hands on the mahogany wood and reached for the laptop. He brought it to Dr. Paternoster and pushed it on his lap.

    “Why don’t you type what I say and issue the Medical Clearance right away and we both can enjoy the remaining of the evening?”

    “Yes…”, the doctor responded, “Though, I would like to hear your story first”, trying to hide his obtrusive fear.

    “Hm”, Vlad exhaled quietly, “I’ll just tell you what the situation is right now. Boyle won’t be coming to my apartment for another 30 minutes and Marina is probably on her way to La Pescăria Dorobanților with Daniale and there is no security here at your office building. You’ll have to drop me by yourself at my apartment, hoping Boyle will arrive in time. Why don’t you drop your act and just admit that you are helpless? Issue me the Medical Clearance and I’ll gladly walk out of this room and this country and pick up a flight tomorrow and go all the way to USA”.

    Dr. Paternoster opened his laptop with his quivering fingers. The screen opened responding to his face. He started to type ineptly as Vlad dictated.
    Det. Marius Massari drew out a paper from his casefile and slide it for Vlad to see. Vlad read the document and responded with a quite chuckle.

    “This is the Medical report submitted by Dr. Paternoster upon your admission to Craiova Institute. We know all about you. You are the last person to see Dr. Paternoster before his disappearance. Marina Serenella has confirmed that and Dr. Paternoster was concerned about erratic behaviour. We have a statement from Mrs. Paternoster that every time he returns after counselling you, he had sleepless nights. He was worried that you’re on the verge of relapse. The security footage showed you coming out of Dr. Paternoster’s office alone, on the day of his disappearance. And we saw your multiple visits over the past three weeks to the empty office of Dr. Paternoster. We checked the apartment, we found no trace of him. What’s interesting is, you went back in there last week. What did you do to him? Where is he now? Is he alive or dead?”.

    The detective kept building accusations, showing evidences and firing questions at Vlad, though Vlad didn’t even budge. His fists were clutched and he rested his chin to the closed fist and looked scrupulously at Det. Massari.

    “Did you call him?”


    “Did… You… Call… Him…?”, Vlad repeated.

    Det. Massari raised to his feet and pushed his chair back and left the room in anger. A few moments paused and he returned to the room with another officer.

    “I’m Sergeant Vito Salvati. I hope you understand the situation, Mr. Azarov. We can arrange for a guilty plea and your sentence can be reduced. Not to mention, we’ll re-evaluate your mental fitness for the trail. We just want to know where Dr. Paternoster is. His wife and son are worried sick. Please help us here”.

    “That’s what I’m trying to do Sergeant. Did you call him?”.

    “What do you mean by that? He hasn’t returned home for three weeks and hasn’t responded to his wife’s or his relative’s call”.

    “Well, I talked to him two days before. He has given me an appointment for Phone Counselling session”.

    “Don’t bullshit me, Azarov!”, Det. Massari slammed his hands to the table.

    “Calm down, detective. Let’s hear what he has to say”.

    “If you don’t believe me, call WZCW’s public relation’s office. He called them back and approved the authenticity of my Medical Clearance. I’m waiting for my work permit before I can travel to USA”.

    The Sergeant gave an incredulous look to the Detective. He leaned towards his ears and whispered something. The detective left the room in a hurry. The Sergeant moved the chair and sat on its edge and rested his elbows to the table.

    “You know the repercussions for perjury, don’t you? Are you sure it was him who called you?”.

    “Yes, I know and Yes, it was him, Sergeant”.

    Silence filled the room; the Sergeant was pattering maddeningly on the table with his fingers. After a while, Detective returned to the room with a sheet of paper in his hand.

    “They confirmed that he called them to validate his Medical Clearance. They said he didn’t answer his call but responded to their mail first and followed that up with a brief phone call. However, the call was made from Australia”, the detective reported to the Sergeant.

    “Let it be that way, but no one has seen him. You were the last person to see him. She didn’t respond to his call or messages. And I don’t see anything mentioned about his visit to Australia in her complaint”.

    “I recommended him to go to Australia during our last session. I’ve travelled around the world while working for WZCW and I know quite a few places”.

    “Interesting… Tell the truth, Azarov!”, grunted the detective.

    “Did you call him?”

    The detective slammed the desk in anger, but Sergeant Salvati held him back and turned to him.

    “Did you try calling his phone number?”, he questioned his detective.

    “I called the Australian phone number he used and there was no response. And Mrs. Massari called him when I was at their house to write the statement. For a fact, I know that something happened to him and you are responsible for it”, he replied furiously at Vlad.

    “So, you didn’t call him?”, Vlad questioned again with a subtle smile.

    The detective irately took out his phone and with the other hand shuffled the documents on the case file to find the phone number. He dialled the number and waited for the response.

    “Hello, this is Dr. Paternoster. Who is this?”, said the voice from the other side of the phone.

    After a long pause, the detective answered, “This is Detective Marius Massari, from Bucharest Police Department. Is this Dr. Paternoster?”, he questioned with surprise.

    “Yes, that’s what I said. Do you have an appointment, Detective?”

    “No, doctor. This is regarding a complaint filed by your wife on your patient Mr. Vlad Azarov. She indicated that you didn’t respond to her calls or any of her relatives’ call in the past three weeks. We detained Mr. Azarov under suspicion of your disappearance”, he fumbled through his words.

    “Oh”, the voice exclaimed.

    There was a long silence followed his exclamation. The Sergeant looked at his detective in an ambiguous way, while the detective was holding his phone and a definite surprise and confusion had hit him.

    “Are you there, doctor?”.

    “I’m sorry. There has been a misunderstanding. Where are you holding Mr. Vlad Azarov?”.

    “In Bucharest Section 101”.

    “I’ll be there in a few minutes”, the call ended abruptly.

    Neither the Sergeant not the Detective can comprehend the situation. However, the Sergeant was not a bit amused, he rubbed his forehead disappointment. It wasn’t another 15 minutes; another detective opened the door and a familiar figure entered the room.

    “Hello, Doctor! Good to see you back from Australia!”, Vlad exclaimed with a wide beam of smile.

    A few days ago…

    Vlad entered the dark room, once a beautifully organized office of Dr. Paternoster but now only a dark humid room. He walked towards the phone and checked the voice messages and was particularly interested by the messages left by his wife and his brother-in-law. He walked towards the corner of the room where Dr. Paternoster was tied up. He pulled the piece of cloth stuffed in his mouth.

    “Please! How long! For how long you are going to tie me up before killing me?”
    , the doctor panted.

    Sweat and tears rolled down his cheek and he licked it off in fear.

    “Oh Doctor! You have assessed me so well over the last 3 months, but you still don’t know a bit about me. I don’t like blood, I hate it. And I don’t feel the desire to kill unless it’s necessary. Do you think I can just make a famous psychiatrist disappear into thin air and get away with it? People around us and the police around us are not intellectually malicious”.

    “Then what do you want from me?”, the doctor pleaded.

    “I want you to go to Australia and have a short vacation and when you come back, you should forget that you ever had a family. Wait… you should teach yourself to hate your family. You should convince yourself that your wife is cheating with her own brother”, demanded Vlad.

    “What!?”, the doctor stuttered and was baffled.

    “Oh no, she isn’t cheating on you. But that’s what you are going to convince him. Just like how I convinced you that I have disassociate identity disorder and convinced my beloved VEE that he doesn’t even exist”.

    The doctor was still puzzled. He swallowed his words and finally managed to let few out.

    “I’ve issued you the Medical Clearance. I’ve given you what you wanted. I won’t tell anyone about anything. I love my family. Please let me go…”, begged the doctor.

    “Oh! I know you love your family and I don’t mind you going to the police to complain about me. If you tell the police that I forced you to issue me the Medical clearance and tied you up for 16 days, isn’t it obvious that the medical clearance is not valid? I’ll not be eligible for a trial. I’ll be sent to another Asylum but that’s where the problem is. I don’t want to go back to the asylum”.

    “I… I won’t go to the police though”.

    “It doesn’t matter. I just wanted to show you what I am capable of. That’s why I held you hostage for 16 days. I want a leverage on you so that I can manipulate you in the way I want. If you go to the police and voiding my medical clearance, I’ll go back to an asylum. But I will find a way to convince the doctors there that I’m sane and I will break free. And I will come for you and your family. And when I see your wife and your son the next time, the desire for blood and scream will boil in me and you would have to scratch their flesh off your carpet. I’m not done with you, far from it. I need you for so many things and I need a leverage”.

    He drew a bowie knife from his jacket and started cutting loose the ropes holding the doctor in his position. He pulled the doctor up to his feet and pushed him to the sofa.

    “You are on my leverage but don’t let that stop you from enjoying your vacation. I’ve bought flight tickets to Australia from your account. Your flight’s tomorrow”.
    “I’ve returned from Australia only yesterday, detective”, the doctor said.

    “Why didn’t you leave a message to your wife or to anyone?”, the Sergeant asked in anger.

    “It’s…”, the doctor hesitated, “personal”. He turned his sight to Vlad who was grinning devilishly.

    “You are liable to answer, doctor!”, the Sergeant demanded.

    “Fine! My wife has been cheating on me with her own brother! I didn’t know whom to trust. I just wanted to get far away from everything possible!”.

    No one uttered a word after that. The detective was rather embarrassed about the situation and the doctor looked at Vlad in a dreadful way. The Sergeant was gawking at his detective in anger.

    “May I leave now, Sergeant?”.

    “I apologize sincerely, Mr. Azarov”.

    “Don’t worry, Sergeant. Dr. Paternoster is the reason for such a remarkable turn around in my life. Considering his situation, I don’t want to create anymore trouble for anyone. If you think I’ll file a defamation against your department, you’re being absurd. It is for Dr. Paternoster. Though, I have one request”.

    “I apologize again on behalf of my detectives, Mr. Azarov. It is grateful of you. Thank you very much for your cooperation. What may your request be?”.

    “I want someone to escort me back to my apartment. I believe they left the door opened”.

    “Of course. Can you please wait outside the room for a moment? I want to have a word with my Detective, and he will escort you back”.

    “Sure”, Vlad signalled the doctor to move and both of them moved out of the room, leaving the door open.

    “Your performance over the last few months have been terribly poor. You lost an important evidence on that major drug case and your witness failed to appear on the courtroom for the Felony case and furthermore! I thought giving you a simple case could motivate you and put you back on track! You squandered it in the worse way possible. How possibly you couldn’t think about calling the person missing? You endangered the department to face another defamation lawsuit! I don’t think you’ll ever be back on your track again. I’m sending a memo to the Captain to demote you. Go and drop Vlad Azarov off at his apartment and duly apologize”, the Sergeant stormed out of the room.

    Vlad grinned at the doctor who was standing beside him.

    “He chose a wrong person to get redemption, didn’t he Doctor?”

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