Vega can be seen walking to his rental car after the show. When he gets to his car there is a burner phone with a note "PLAY ME" attached to the windshield. He hits play.

???: Hello there

Vega looks down to see Flex Mussel addressing him. Flex is somewhere in a forest.

Flex: My apologies for this form of communication, but I thought you might appreciate some form of mystery. You may be wondering why I haven’t met you face to face and that is simply because you and the pathetic fans that attended tonight are worth my time. What is however, is the fierce wilderness that’s behind me.

The bodybuilder begins to sniff the leaves and curl a large piece of tree bark on the video.

Flex: Since losing the WZCW World Title I have decided to become one with not only nature, but the primal hunting that comes along with it. But it’s no fun hunting if nothing is chasing you back. And what better adversary than someone who has captured men for a living. So Vega, I officially invite you to “The World’s Deadliest Game”. But are you man enough to accept?! Simply respond to the number written on the back of the note with a yes if you consider yourself man enough

Vega grins, it’s clear he’s up to the challenge. As he turns the note over, Flex bolts through the parking lot, and nails Vega from behind with a Flexicution! Flex grabs the hair of Vega and drags him to the security camera nearby. They stare up at it.

Flex: The Great FlexAmerican Hunt begins now!