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Thread: Ascension 137 | Kagura vs Mikey Stormrage

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    Ascension 137 | Kagura vs Mikey Stormrage

    Match: Kagura vs Mikey Stormrage

    Location: American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX

    Deadline: Friday, April 12, 12:00am CST

    Extensions will not be granted due to Friday deadline.

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    Hell in a Cell. I was no stranger to the territory.

    The first time, I was thrown off the top of the cell by Ty Burna. Put me on the shelf for a few weeks.

    [Insert footage of the four way between Stormrage, Tastic, Burna, and Constantine from the old website here.]

    The second time I got jumped by Garth Black's goons.

    [Insert footage of the triple threat between Stormrage, Tastic, and Black here]

    The one constant, Matt Tastic.

    Tastic would be there this time too. The difference, the first two times Live Mas was a thing. This time, Live Mas was dead and buried.

    I've said it every way I could over the years. Tastic was not normal. He had no heart. He was a loner whose betrayal was inevitable. So why was I surprised?

    I guess I thought I could change him. Maybe I did for a while. Maybe I just plugged a few holes in the dam. Whatever the case, I would be stepping into the Cell for third time, and for the third time Matt would step inside with me.

    THis time, it would just be the two of us. The Elite Title, it would take a backseat to the two of us wanting to end the other's career.

    Poetic in a way, that it came to this. Two kids with nothing who used WZCW to grow into men, to grow into friends, facing off in arguably the most brutal structure known to wrestling fans, to prove once and for all who was the best.

    I had to focus on other tasks first though. Kagura stood in my path. I held no ill will toward her or her quest to recapture the World Title. She was simply the final stop on the road to Matt Tastic. The plan was to get it and out as quickly as possible. She had been on a roll, it would not be easy, but I had to be surgical in my execution or it could cost me headed into Unscripted.

    My suspension had been over for a little over a week, but I still hadn't been reinstated by WZCW. It was probably for the best, given Tastic's recent actions. He had tried to hurt the thing most precious to me, and for that, my former friend, my former brother, my former love, would pay.

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    The camera feed fills with static as it shifts to a backstage area. The audience is met with darkness when suddenly a pair of black boots walks into the frame. The camera slowly pans up revealing a pair of shapely legs hugged by a pair of black wrestling tights. The camera rises higher, revealing a toned waist and a pair of large shapely breasts beneath a black top with red and gold trim. Higher still reveals a face painted white and decorated with an ornate design resembling those in the kabuki theater. A smirk adorns her face. The crowd begins to boo. Kagura doesn’t seem to care.

    “Ever since Ascension 136, all I’ve been hearing from people is one question. One question that has everyone so dumbfounded, and that’s ‘why?’

    Kagura speaks in her native tongue, as translations appear on the screen.

    ’Why did you attack Titus after your tag team match?’ The answer is simple. I wanted to send a message. I wanted Titus to know that this isn’t a joke. For nearly my entire career that’s what I’ve been viewed as. A weak woman who can’t get the job done. And I’m tired of it! I’m tired of being bullied, stepped on, harassed, manipulated, and embarrassed. That’s why for the first time in my life, I’m finally thinking about what I want. Not want others want. Or what I think others would want me to do.”

    She gestures to the paint on her face with her hands.

    “This is me unrestrained. This is me when I finally accept myself as an individual. Adjusting to a new culture isn’t easy, and after five long years I think I get it. It’s okay to be selfish. It’s okay to take. It’s okay to lust. The power of avarice has filled my soul and I think I like it. At Unscripted I want to finally see how good I really am now that I’ve dropped my restraints. Fight me Titus and we’ll end this! When the smoke clears only one of us will be left standing. I don’t care about the past or anything that you’ve done to me. All I care about is the future – Unscripted – and what I’m going to do to you to pin your shoulders to the mat and rip the world title from your grasp.”

    Like a caged animal she begins pacing slightly, her voice beginning to rise.

    “The winds of change have been blowing around here for a long time, the clouds have gathered, and a storms coming. But this development wasn’t because of you, Titus. That maelstrom has been churning long before R-Awakening or even Kingdom Come. I never lost the title at Lethal Lottery. Eve pinned Batti in that triple threat. I was never given a proper rematch. Instead I had to fight my way through opponent after opponent and win the Gold Rush to get this far. It finally dawned on me how unfair that was, did I not have a rematch clause in my contract? I did. I just never used it, because I was na´ve. I used to be content having simply reached the top of the mountain, but now I want to do it again. I want to hold that title as long as I can. Shatter records. Until WZCW shuts its doors, I want to be the Empress of WZCW. I want to finally cement my legacy as one of the greatest of all time, because I deserve it. Consider my fist in your face to be your only warning, Titus. At Unscripted, I’ll show you no mercy. I’ll be taking back my title that I never lost in the first place.”

    Kagura tilts her head and switches gears.

    “But before Titus and I fight there’s one last foe that I must dispatch. At Ascension 137, the powers-that-be have placed Mikey Stormrage in my path. If I recall Mikey, you did say that I was like the ‘third or fourth female to compete in WZCW.’ Really now? So If I beat you, what does that make you in comparison? A loser, a failure, and a has been. I’m not on your level, at least on paper I shouldn’t be, but yet I’m the one with the world title match while you’re stuck picking up the pieces of your shattered friendships. Have fun with that. But before you and Matt tear each other apart, be a good boy and lose to me. Lay down for me…”

    Her face darkens as she glares into the camera.

    “…Because if you don’t, the beating that I give you will surpass anything Matt could ever dish out. You’re nothing but another obstacle for me to scale at this point. Once I win the world title, and you’ve changed your mind on my place in your pantheon of all time greats, you can come challenge me. I’ll be happy to beat you again, and again, and again just to prove that I’m the best. And I’ll start by choking out tonight.

    …Let’s have some fun, shall we?”

    The video feed cuts out as Kagura’s face disappears. The last thing the audience sees are her piercing black eyes staring a hole through all of them. Through anyone watching the video and anyone challenging her in the future. The Kagura of old was gone, and in her place stood the combustible and high volatile entity known as Youkai Kagura. Her innate desires to win, to conquer, and to reign as long as possible were finally awake.

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