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Thread: Ascension 137 | Alice Adams vs Flex Mussel

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    Ascension 137 | Alice Adams vs Flex Mussel

    Match: Alice Adams vs Flex Mussel

    Location: American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX

    Deadline: Friday, April 12, 12:00am CST

    Extensions will not be granted due to Friday deadline.

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    Adams is seen sulking in a claw foot tub, her hair Lazily tied up in a messy bun, a glass of red wine daintily rests in one hand, while the other lazily plays with the abundance of bubbles with the other. She sighs, takes a deep drink of her wine and places her glass on a little side table. She closes her eyes and sinks into the warm soapy water; she stayed under until she needed to come up for air, even then she still tried to push for a moment longer, she pops up and takes a big gasp of air, the cool air shocks her out of her warm self pity slumber. She wipes her face and stands up to grab her towel, wraps it gracefully around her body and climbs out

    Alice walks out of the Master bathroom and into her suite; a record player is seen sitting on top of a dresser, Pink Floyds ‘Comfortably Numb’ is lazily playing in the background. She walks over to the bed and grabs her clothes for the day; once dressed in her signature little black dress she sits at the edge and slips on her heels, she hears her phone chime with a new message and reaches over to the pillow and grabs it. She unlocks the screen and taps open her Email; she sees it’s from WZCW, she sighs and taps on the little icon to open it. Her screen shines bright with the usual pleasantries, she skimmed through those to get to what was really important; her next opponent. She clicks the link provided in her email and her screen is taken to a roster sheet; the name Flex Mussel is seen in big bold black letters, underneath his picture is seen. Alice cringes; if that wasn’t the picture of a lovechild born from coke, steroids and the 90s grunge scene if she’d ever seen one, she smirks to herself and stifles a chuckle. She tosses her phone back onto the bed and stands up.

    “First I get played, then bored, then slammed and harassed with ‘positive sportsmanship' gags what’s next? The Apocalypse… well shit, this match might as well be. How in the hell, do they expect me to try and beat all 180 pounds of brick and muscle?! To top it all off… grabs her phone and scrolls through Instagram he doesn’t keep savory company either; she scrolls and stops on a picture that was posted by the WZCW company account of Keith Kole standing in the ring with a big smirk on his face with the caption ‘When will Flex return and take back his position from his secretary @Keithkole’? ugh, I just wanted to forget that this, Clown, even existed. My match isn’t with this little leech, I don’t need to waste any type of brain cells on him, I just need to figure out how I’m going to outlast King Kong…"

    Alice glances down at her watch; she sighs, knowing that she now had no time to keep her appointment. She slips her heels off and grabs her workout clothes from the top dresser. After changing quickly, Alice googles for the nearest gym, once she finds it, she quickly calls for an uber.

    "Hello yes? I’m calling for one Uber to 24 hour fitness; yes, uh huh, 10 minutes away? Ok thanks.”

    She hangs up and gets her bag together, she opens up the email one last time and studies the picture, she smirks; pumping herself up mentally and let’s out a laugh

    “I got this, sorry sweetness, but only one of us can walk out with gold on…Anyways, didn’t your momma ever teach you that gold is a girls best friend? Mockingly Oh no? Well then, let a real lady teach you.”

    Alice's phone lights up with a text from her driver saying they where outside, she grabs up all her things and heads out the door

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    Flex: Burlesque you say?

    The monsieur of muscle was intrigued as his next opponent Alice Adams is being described to him by Svetlana.

    Svetlana: Don’t underestimate her, she was wins over Tit-

    Flex: Don’t even he say his name, it’s worthless and means nothing.

    The Queen of FlexAmerica heeded her words and continued onward.

    Svetlana: Is there any particular training method you would like to employ this week?

    The former World Champion ponders a bit.

    Flex: Yes, I think I’ve got just the thing in mind.


    Flex and Svetlana can be seen entering a very packed strip club. Flex seems very confused while Svetlana is a bit uncomfortable.

    Svetlana: This is not training Flex.

    Flex: I need to be able to understand her methods, it’s the only way for me to see through her feminine trickery.

    Svetlana: You are aware stripping and combat sports are different right?

    Flex: That’s what they’d like you to think, but the truth of the matter is that people like Alice Adams are the toughest people in this nation. The one thing no one is this world wants to part ways from is the currency they own. However, lust is something that no one can escape from, Alice knows this, and she uses her body to separate men from their cash just as she uses it to succeed in WZCW. Now come, we must analyze.

    The pair strut into the VIP section, they each take a seat on a wide couch and women of various shapes and sizes are walked out in front of them.

    Flex: (Whispering) How do you feel about the ethnics?

    Svetlana: (Whispering) There behinds are quite wide.

    A few moments later the strippers are instructed to begin grinding on both Flex and Svetlana. The bodybuilder intently studies how the strippers gyrate, seemingly in an attempt to figure how to counter any moves. Svetlana on the other hand grows more and more annoyed. She looks to Flex and begins to notice how intently he’s watching, this bothers her even more. As the stripper continues to bounce Flex becomes more and more entranced, eventually to the point where Svetlana can’t take it anymore and yells in Russian intimidating the strippers enough to leave.

    Flex: What are you doing? I haven’t even seen their special moves yet?!

    Svetlana: And you won’t, we’re leaving!

    Flex: What is going on with you?

    Svetlana: I saw the way you were looking at them, you never look at me that way!

    Flex: I’m only here so I can defeat Alice, and what does it matter if I look at them a certain way?

    Svetlana: I’ve seen you grow up from a small pudgy child to a brick wall of a man all due to my guidance, yet somehow we’ve never DTR’d.

    Flex: DTR?

    Svetlana: Define the relationship, I saw it on the Twitter, it’s how Americans decide the parameters of their coexistence with one another.

    Flex: I’m very confused, what is it exactly you want?

    Svetlana: You’ve gone from head of Cerberus, to head of state, to head hunter, yet somehow after all these years we’ve never talked about what we mean to each other. I wanna know I’m more than just a placeholder to empire while you’re going through this phase.

    Flex: You want...a commitment?

    Svetlana: I..I think yeah.

    A silence between the two fills the room. Eventually Flex goes into embrace Svetlana, which she knows is very uncharacteristic of him.

    Flex: These past couple of months have been an absolute whirlwind. But I couldn’t have done any of it without you, and for that I thank you. Women have never been my strongsuit, so I’m not used to one being by my side at all times.I’m not sure I’m in a place to try to figure out what we are, but I can guarantee when I will be.

    Svetlana: And when is that?

    Flex: When I beat the resident sex worker of WZCW Alice Adams. I must prove to you that...these hoes ain’t got nothin you….I think I’m saying that right. And then, I’ll deal with that common criminal known as Vega. Only then will I be back on track.

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