The Number One Hyperactive, Knuckleheaded Wrestling Company Does It Again

Always cheeky and daring, never really thinking things through but that has never stopped AAA in it's 26 years. Today in a press conference from the World's Most Famous Arena, AAA announced they will be holding an event in said building this coming September 15th, the day before Mexican Independance.

The press conference saw Dorian Roldan proclaim the usual grandeur of AAA and did mencion AEW as help. But this very much came off as a strictly AAA event which, to say is a brave move, is an understatement. AAA may have some degree of penetration into the US market via Lucha Underground, their YouTube and Twitch airings and several of their stars also working MLW and Impact but the AAA brand itself and a lot of it's top stars are complete mystery to the US. Especially the North-East which is as far as physically possible for them. Simply put, this reeks of a money-loser and the company is just doing it so they can say they were in Madison Square Garden. I mean, seriously. How many people do you know are still in AAA after Lucha Undergrounds apparent collapse?

If you remember, rumors have been circulating about AAA wanting the building well over a year ago at the same time as the ROH rumors started following WWE announcing the Barclays Center as the secondary building for Wrestlemania Weekend. Given ROH's exposure in the US and association to Sinclair plus the NJPW alliance, it made it much easier for them to get the building. Now how the hell AAA managed to get it is beyond me. They've constantly been able to talk people into working with them in spite of controversy. For the love of God, they got back with Impact after Hernandez left LU for Impact and they threatened to sue if his footage aired. And with Taya Valkyrie after the stupid "strip her of the title via photoshoot" stunt to give it back to Sexy Star who just bailed right after. AAA may be incredibly bull-headed, but oh my God they seem to also be extremely persuasive.

The date of the event is the day before Mexican Independence Day which is notable as that's usually the time frame a big boxing would typically be announced for Mexico through out the years. The show will likely air on Twitch and they already announced an English broadcast (currently composed of Vampiro and Konnan which sounds like a fight waiting to happen) but AEW being so far in the back of all this makes this coming anywhere near a success extremely difficult. It's also 2 weeks after what is likely to be ALL IN 2's airdate.

Any thoughts on this crazy move?