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Thread: Wrestlemania 35 - Live Discussion

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    It def has nothing on last year's headliner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spidercanrana View Post
    This right here was the true main event and the mania moment I wanted and thankfully got.
    The Day Wrestling Got Too Real

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    Wrestlemania XXXV
    Date: April 7, 2019
    Location: MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey
    Commentators: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Renee Young, Byron Saxton, Tom Phillips
    America the Beautiful: Yolanda Adams

    As long as this show is going to be, there’s something special about getting to see it every year. This year’s show is built around the three major matches and the question of how many happy endings we can have. You know it’s not going to be all three, but which of the three doesn’t go through. Those matches consist of Universal Champion Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins, Smackdown World Champion Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston and the winner take all match for both Women’s titles as Ronda Rousey faces Charlotte and Becky Lynch in a genuinely historic main event. Let’s get to it.

    Click on the link below for the full review.

    So Much For No Happy Endings

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    I loved the emotion around Kofi's win. To me, that capped off the show and the rest was just bonus matches that were fairly meh TBH. After Kofi you had the Joe squash, barely a match, Roman vs Drew,
    Finn vs Lashley, Angle vs Corbin, HHH vs Batista, The Main Event. The last match wasn't that bad but the matches prior just sucked the life out of the crowd as they remained quiet throughout the match. Its going to happen in a 7.5 hour show, but I really think Mania dragged hard after Kofi Kingston won his match.

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    This show is difficult to grade since it's so long, but I'll try.

    First and foremost, this show was WAY too long. 7+ hours is insane, and WWE NEEDS to get the time down.

    Rollins def. Lesnar - The title is off Brock but in a 2.5 minute opener? I didn't hate this, but I would've preferred a longer match.

    Styles def. Orton (B) - Good match, and it quietly had one of the best builds.

    SD Tag Team Titles (B) - Another good match. I'm fine with the Usos winning.

    Shane def. Miz (C+) - Shane... won? Fine match but goodness Shane didn't need to win.

    Women's Tag Team Titles (C) - Bayley and Sasha could've had a longer reign, but I love the Iconics.

    Kofi def. Bryan (A) - Best match on the card easily. You have to feel good for Kofi.

    Joe def. Mysterio - This was cut for time, or Mysterio is injured. I hate matches going this short.

    Reigns def. McIntyre (D+) - Meh. This show fell off after Kofi won the belt.

    HHH def. Batista (D+) - This was too long. Cut down on the time, and it's much better.

    Corbin def. Angle (Whatever is lower than an F-) -

    Balor def. Lashley (C) - Lashley hasn't really worked out since his return. I'm proud Balor won.

    Becky def. Charlotte, Rousey (B+) - Great match. Becky winning is definitely the right decision.

    Overall Rating (C) - Decent show but again it's too long. Not every match was great, but that can be expected with 16 matches. Beck, Rollins, and Kofi all winning was a very nice touch. It's obviously NOTHING compared to Takeover, but that's been expected for a long time now. Some stuff is worth watching, but a lot of it wasn't.
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    I've been reading a lot of people on here shit on the main event. We must have watched different Manias because that main event was awesome. Yeah the crowd was tired (rightfully so) but those three put on a hell of a match and told a great story and showed a sense of urgency in the match. I loved the main event.

    The ending was sudden and confusing but at least we know from that ending that Rousey is getting a rematch.

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    Good though not great Mania. Seth beating Brock the way he did was a fantastic way to get everyone excited, Kofi's title win was legit the most emotional moment in WWE since Bryan winning at XXX, Basic Thuganomics Cena was a lot of fun, the main event was sort of the pitome of the show - good but not great. Never hit that higher gear and that finish was out of nowhere/botched as hell. I had dun,mthey paced it magnificently and there wasn't an activley bad match on the card.

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    WrestleMania was simply much too long to go into detail about every match so I'm just going to summarize as best as I can.

    Overall, I enjoyed the show quite a bit and graded the overall event a solid B, MAYBE even a B+.

    The best overall part of the show is that we got three happy endings and I didn't think that'd happen. I felt that at least one of the top matches would end in a less than crowd pleasing fashion and I'm exceptionally glad that wasn't the case as I believe that went a long way in making the show a success though, to be fair, the fact that most of the matches ended in the "right way" with the "right person" winning helped out quite a bit too. Lesnar is no longer Universal Champion, Ronda Rousey suffered her first pinfall loss resulting in Becky Lynch being both Raw and SmackDown Women's Champion and Kofi Kingston became WWE Champion in the emotional highlight of the night.

    Matches that we didn't expect a whole helluva lot out of, for the most part, ranged from pretty decent to extremely good. All the stuff on the kickoff show was good. The Women's Tag Team Championship match, while not a barnburner, had a good effort from all the women in a match placed in an unenviable spot on the card. Miz & Shane flat out delivered in a gutsy outing. Styles & Orton delivered an entertaining, well paced match. Samoa Joe scored an ultra dominant victory and while the match MIGHT have been short due to Mysterio still suffering effects of an ankle injury, it still made Joe look dominant. John Cena's segment with Elias was a lot of fun and didn't eat up a lot of time with Cena scoring some good, risqué zingers. It was cool to see Finn Balor as the Demon and his match with Lashley was mercifully short with the right outcome.

    There wasn't a lot of bad on the show. Reigns vs. McIntyre wasn't a bad match, but the energy just wasn't there and I kept getting the feeling that we're going back to business as usual with Reigns, which isn't all that much fun in my opinion. Overall, I enjoyed Triple H vs. Batista, but I felt it went on for longer than it needed to; it overstayed its welcome but at least it didn't drag things out too much. The only genuinely lousy thing on the entire show was Angle vs. Corbin, it just flat out sucked and there's no way around that. Basically, they did the same thing with these two at the biggest show of the year that they've already done on Raw multiple times.

    The crowd stayed pretty enthused through the entire show. True, they were getting pretty tired by the time Angle vs. Corbin came around but, frankly, I expected the energy to drop off much, much, much sooner from a lack of interesting matches. Frankly, if they'd have left out Reigns vs. McIntyre, Balor vs. Lashley and Angle vs. Corbin, then last night's show would've been flat out incredible. WWE does need to consider trimming the length of the show because, including the kickoff show, last night's event went almost 7.5 hours. With a running time that high, I'm glad Vince figured out this year that he needed a lot of matches to have crowd pleasing finishes, keep the goofy shenanigans to a minimum and matches where the wrestlers weren't just phoning it in.

    So yeah, a B to possibly a B+ show for me. Not as good as TakeOver, but still significantly better than the G1 Supercard which, frankly, was disappointed as the ROH side of things, most of it anyway, pretty much stunk up MSG.

    That's not to say t
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