Some potentially big news regarding AEW's television home. Wasn't sure if it qualified as a rumor or news, as it's kind of both, so I just put it in here.

At any rate, Warner Media Group will be presenting AEW to advertisers at their upfronts next month, with upfronts being where TV networks present previews of mid-season and fall line ups to advertisers so that said advertisers can purchase commercial to air during those programs ahead of time. Warner Media Group operates Turner Sports which, you guess it, airs on TBS and TNT.

Now, so far as I know, this doesn't mean that it's automatically a done deal, that may depend on how these upfront presentations wind up going next month. However, the fact that Turner Sports is presenting AEW material to advertisers is obviously an immensely strong sign that they want AEW on either TBS or TNT. Considering that the Khans are the major financial backers for the promotion, they're well known names within the sports world and that AEW is said to going to be present along the line of a sport, this is quite significant. Jim Ross said earlier this month in an interview, without going into details, that AEW would be airing on a network that virtually everyone has access to.

So yeah, if this turns out to be legit and all goes well, this is another major coup for All Elite Wrestling.