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Thread: Brock Lesnar has retired from MMA (again)

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    Brock Lesnar has retired from MMA (again)

    Multiple media outlets were reporting the Brock retired again, and then Dana White confrimed that Brock told him he's done.

    He has been booked for Saudi Arabia, thus far, and I'll imagine there will be more WWE dates in his future. Most speculation I've read is that he'll be moving to Smackdown so he can be on the show when it hits Fox.

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    My guess is that it could be a number of things. Maybe UFC wouldn't meet his price, which is certainly possible, though it's also entirely possible that Lesnar looked at the lay of the land and, as has been the case, is intelligent enough, or has people working for him intelligent tnough, to know that he stands a much better chance of longevity in WWE. Vince will all but give him whatever he wants, he keeps the time limits of his contracts short so that he can do other things, if any other things that strike his interest come up, and Vince will continue to go along with it.

    Of course, there are also reports out today claiming that Lesnar has told Vince that WrestleMania XXXVI will be his last WWE match ever. Brock Lesnar is all about getting as much as he possibly can and I don't see him walking away from WWE unless he's just tired of it, he's getting to the point where he can't physically take it or Vince won't give him what he wants. So yeah, take it for what it's worth but if it did turn out to be true, then I can say I'll be counting the days. I'm just over Brock Lesnar altogether, I'm not hating on the guy for getting such grand treatment, I don't blame the guy for taking advantage of the fact that he seems to be Kryptonite to Vince McMahon, I'm just over the guy's laziness in the ring, the formulaic booking of him and working of his matches and the fact that we may get one or two matches a year out of him that are worth seeing, depending on who he's facing. If and when this does turn out to be true, I have a feeling that Vince will do everything humanly possible to get the Rock for Lesnar's very last opponent; it's easier than building up an actual wrestler who'll benefit from it by getting a massive rub and Vince isn't all that interested in building up stars anymore, at least not under very specific circumstances and only if they have certain traits.

    Would it be entertaining? The build for the match probably would be while the match itself would quite probably stink to High Heaven. Not that Rock couldn't and didn't deliver entertaining matches, but it was when he was on the mic that the real magic happened. That'd probably be true here as well as the Rock and Lesnar are two guys that Vince isn't going to impose very many, if any, limitations upon so there's a possibility of one of the most entertaining big match builds in many years, yet the match itself won't come anywhere close to the hype. So, would you rather have a great build to a subpar match or would you rather have your standard WWE fair for a build with Lesnar having a great match against someone who can carry him?
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    Iíll never get the hate for Brock. Iím instantly more interested whenever he is going to be on a Raw or PPV. He sells better than anyone on the roster and can still work a great match when given the time and chance (Bryan, Styles, Etc.). He is one of the last larger than life guys we have left in wrestling and Iíll miss him when he hangs it up.

    As far as the ďstrangle holdĒ on the red strap people seem to complain about the most and never showing up, I would rather have that than someone uninteresting like Rollins out there every week having dozens of matches against the same opponent and multiple pay per view matches against the same one as well. It was like that with Styles and Nakamura and even years ago when Owens faced Rollins and Reigns almost every single week in one way or another.

    Maybe the world champion not showing up every single week isnít interesting, however I find it more compelling to see a rare Brock match, than seeing a world title match announced for a PPV between two guys where I go ďdidnít they fight like 10 times before this? Why should I be interested?Ē Of course this is on WWE for not knowing how to book a feud besides endless rematches thinking both guys pinning each other over and over again.

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