WZCW has long prided itself as a global company. Based in Las Vegas, the American company slowly expanded from national shows into Canada and Mexico, and then hosting UK tours. In the last half decade, the company grew into a global juggernaut of professional wrestling, running their first ever Latin American tour that also featured stops in Brazil and Argentina. Shortly after, East Asia soon played host to WZCW for the first time and the famed five star arena the Tokyo Dome hosted Kingdom Come VI, the first WZCW pay per view to be hosted in a country that wasn't a native English speaking nation. Last year, famed Camp Nou in Barcelona, Spain played host to Kingdom Come IX, the first Kingdom Come held in Europe since iconic Wembley Stadium played host to Kingdom Come II.

WZCW continues to break down global barriers, and is pleased to announce that after the dust from Unscripted settles on the US Capital, that WZCW will be invading the Middle East!

In association with the Crown Prince and the Saudi government, live from King Abdullah Sports City in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, WZCW presents:

The Greatest Grandest Lethal Lottery: Blood Money

WZCW officials, when reached for comment from a state appointed reporter, said they were excited to bring the hard hitting action of WZCW to the fine, upstanding people of Saudi Arabia.

Rumors still abound, but it is heavily believed that to cover the salary lost from jumping straight from Unscripted to Lethal Lottery with no Meltdowns or Ascensions in between, the Saudi government would be working to cut checks directly to WZCW talent.

More news as it comes in!

*Lottery has been stricken from all official Saudi use as gambling is considered against Saudi code.