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Thread: Unscripted 2019: Garth Black(c) vs Xander - WZCW EurAsian Title

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    Unscripted 2019: Garth Black(c) vs Xander - WZCW EurAsian Title

    Deadline is Tuesday, May 14th, 11:59 PM EST. Poles will stay open as close to the deadline as possible.

    Extensions will be handled on a case by case basis in private.

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    ‘Xander, please-'


    ‘Just hear me out-'

    ‘Not happening.’

    ‘This would do nothing but good for-'

    ‘I said no.’

    Xander continued looking out of the window as the car continued to rumble through the streets of Phoenix. Talia grew more and more frustrated; her face almost turning as red as her crimson hair. She threw her papers into the footwell and folded her arms. Meltdown in New Mexico had come and gone, and so had an opportunity for momentum. Xander looked down at his fingers; not broken, but badly bruised and hyperextended. They’d be fine in a week, but rigorous ice packs and rest were the medicine that had been prescribed.

    ‘You’re an idiot.’

    ‘The hell do you figure that?’

    ‘Sponsorship is the next level. It increases your brand exposure-'

    ‘Oh come on-'

    ‘Well it would! Especially considering you have very little merchandise revenue coming in.’

    ‘If it were up to me I’d have none.'

    ‘You have no idea how ridiculous you sound.’

    ‘You pronounced the word ‘right' wrong.’

    ‘How does having no merch at all benefit you?’

    ‘It doesn’t. But it stops any of the asshats who think they support me from buying something they think will bring them joy. I don’t give a crap if someone wants a Xander tshirt. I really don’t. They aren’t having it.’

    ‘Just to spite them. That’s your reason.’

    ‘Is there a better one?’

    ‘No. Because that isn’t even a good one. Surely putting some shirts out there and gaining money out of the so called fans is a better victory than spitting yourself.’

    ‘I don’t want their money.’

    You might not...’

    Xander looked up at the ceiling of the car, sighing heavily. ‘We don’t need it, either. Besides, when I am Eurasian Champion I’ll be gaining that sweet champion bonus.’


    Talia‘s words bounced off of Xander, and he turned back to her. ‘You don’t sound convinced.’

    ‘Why would you say that?’

    ‘Because I know when you’re saying shit so we don’t argue. Come on. Spill.’

    ‘I’m just trying to not get ahead of myself. Nor should you.’

    ‘Nothing like a little confidence in your loved one...’

    ‘Xander, it’s Garth Black.’

    ‘Is it? Gee, I hadn’t noticed...’

    ‘Come on Xander-'

    ‘You don’t think I can beat him. Just say it.’

    ‘Of course I think you can!’ she rubbed her face, composing herself before continuing. ‘I know you can. There’s no one out there who can better you in that ring. It isn’t about you. For one thing, you don't know the stipulation, and if the fans end up being the ones who bring the weapons you know that wont benefit you. It just won't. And, on top of that, you’re coming up against someone who you really shouldn’t underestimate.’

    ‘What makes you think I’m-‘

    ‘You know what I mean! I know you won’t underestimate him but I’d rather say it and not need to instead of need to and not say it. Okay?’

    A pause lingered in the air. ‘Yeah.’

    ‘Good.’ She turned to face out of the window as the city passed the two by. ‘Just get it done.’


    ‘I mean, you did kinda suck.’


    Xander resisted the urge to wrestle Red to the ground and choke him out. Not just for the insult, but for being right. Against Callie Clark he hadn’t been at his best. Nowhere near in fact. Maybe he’d taken her lightly? Perhaps. But he couldn’t afford to do that. Not against Garth Black.

    The lights changed, and they crossed the street within the crowded mass, walking further into the city.

    ‘You’re really worried about this, aren’t you?’

    Xander smirked they way most people do when they’re trying to deflect from their true feelings. ‘No, that’s crap.’

    ‘Mate, you’re shit at lying.’

    ‘I am not.’

    ‘So bad.’

    ‘Fuck you.’

    ‘Okay.’ Red stopped and turned to Xander. ‘Look me in the eye and tell me you’re 100% about this match. Tell me you know you’re going to win.’

    Xander stopped, rolling his eyes, and faced Red, staring a hole through his eyesockets.

    ‘I’ve got this.’

    Red stared through him for a moment, before e his shoulders dropped. ‘Terrible.’


    ‘Dude, you have not got this.’

    ‘What the hell is that supposed to mean?’

    ‘It means somethings got you spooked. Under your skin.’

    Xander shook his head, before carrying on walking.

    ‘Talia said something didn’t she?’

    He stopped almost as quickly as he had begun.

    ‘Come on, Xander. Talk to me.’

    Xander once more shook his head, but duly sat on a nearby bench. He stared down at his sneakers, feeling as if he were in the principals office explaining what happened to his

    ‘She doesn’t believe I can do it.’

    Red sat down, turning to face his friend. ‘She said that?’

    ‘Like, not those exact words, no.’

    ‘So, what did she say?’

    ‘She…’ he stopped as her words echoed through his brain. ‘She’s warned me like fifty times not to underestimate Black. It’s just…its infuriating. I know how to done this. I’ve won Championships before, I know how to get the job done.’


    ‘…but what?’

    Red looked out to the busy walkway, as people hustled on by, going about their daily commute.

    ‘There’s a difference between knowing how to get the job done, and actually getting it done.’

    Xander looked up, eyebrows scrunched into his face. ‘Okay Yoda, you need to break that one down for me.’

    ‘Like, you’ve won Championships before, right?’


    ‘Great; when was the last one?’

    ‘Fuck you.’

    ‘No, seriously; when did you last become a Champion. ‘

    ‘Seriously, fuck you.’

    ‘Answer the bloody question.’

    ‘April 13th 2013.’

    ‘Oh yeah, knowing the date off hand isn’t at all a sign you’re worried.’

    ‘And again with the fuck you.’ Xander sighed. ‘I get what you’re saying. And yeah, maybe there is a part of me that feels like It’s passing me by. I’ve had opportunities to push ahead and take what should be mine. What….I need to be mine. And it hasn’t happened. And each time, I look and I know that things have gone against me. And I say next time nothing will stand in my way. But then something does. All of that I can handle.’ Xander turned his attention back to the ground. ‘Talia not believing in me is something I don’t think I could ever deal with.’

    ‘And you seriously think she doesn’t have faith.’

    ‘I wouldn’t blame her.’

    Red smiled, standing up. He took a moment, before turning back and holding his hand out.

    ‘She knows you. And she knows what you can do. And if she says she believes in you, that girl would never ever lie to you.’

    Xander took a deep breath, before grabbing Reds hand, using it to pull himself off the bench.

    ‘Maybe not.’

    ‘Definitely not.’

    Xander smiled, thoughts turning back to Garth Black as they continued walking. ‘I know how tough he is. I do. This won’t be easy, and no amount of me saying “well I’ve beaten X so Y should be easy” will get me by him. I need to bring my A game and if I don’t I’ll be toast. Going up against someone like Garth is bad enough, but knowing I'm going in blind in regards to the stipulation too? There's no room for error. I need this.’

    ‘Good job we’re heading to the gym then! I’ll whip your ass into shape in no time.’

    Xander looked down at Red’s gut. While he wasn’t the biggest guy to step foot in a wrestling ring, he was far from an adonis.

    ‘Bro, I can hear what you’re thinking from here. Don’t.’

    ‘I didn’t say it.’

    ‘No, but you thought it. That’s bad enough.’

    Xander let out a snigger. ‘You set yourself up like that, I’m gonna taker the bait.’

    ‘Well, don’t choke on it.’

    They carried on walking for a few minutes, turning onto the street The Iron Academy was on.

    ‘Dude, I…thank you.’

    Red turned to Xander, surprised.

    ‘I think you’re welcome?’

    ‘I just…I rant about all this shit and I don’t even think about you sometimes.’

    ‘Bro, it’s cool. You’re living out our dreams for the both of us.’

    ‘I know, I just…I forget sometimes that I’m complaining about things that might seem trivial to others.’

    ‘That’s a polite way of saying “Sorry for moaning about not winning titles while you don’t even have a job there.” Right?’

    ‘I mean…yeah?’

    ‘Don’t worry mate. Honestly. I’m content where I am. And who knows, if the WZCW brass threw a contract my way, who’s to say I wouldn’t be feeling the same way if I’d had your luck. Just remember though; there’s no shame in Xander the way he is. Your legacy is one to be proud of now. Without anything else added to it. You wanna add to it; absolutely. Go for it. But bud, all you can do is your best.’

    ‘No.’ Xander stopped them, cutting in front of Red. ‘My best isn’t enough if it doesn’t get me the win. I need to beat him.’


    ‘Because I need to prove it. Prove I am the best in that company. Better than every single person I step in the ring with, and only then will I have a Championship Title around my waist where it belongs. Garth represents that upper echelon that seems to get the better of me, and quite simply I cannot afford to just go out there and give it my all. Triple X did that.’

    They arrived outside the Academy, Xander stopping just shy of the door.

    ‘Those times we’d travel the world with nothing but the clothes on our backs, the gear in our bags and all for a hot dog and a hand shake. Those times were so I could get here. In this moment. Wanting more. And right now more is the Eurasian Championship.’

    Red slapped Xander on his shoulder, smiling.

    ‘Not for long, mate.’


    Xander looked around the stark hotel room, sitting on the edge of the bed. It was the morning of Unscripted, and truth be told he’d barely slept. A struggle for slumber was something he’d dealt with many a time, but most times he had the upside of Talia’s beauty in the bed alongside him. This time though, it was he and he alone. His love had rehearsals for a new play, and as much a she would have loved to find a way to convince her to come, that wasn’t fair. Her career was no less than his. Sometimes he felt he needed to remind himself of that more often.

    He stood up from the bed, grabbing his gear bag. He’d checked it a billion times, making sure he had everything, and even had asked Talia to do the same just before leaving the apartment. It wasn’t something he was normally guilty of, but this time seemed more…real. He’d wrestled hundreds of matches in his career and been nervous as all hell, but this
    was different. He’d never felt like he was in a true must-win. Until now.

    His concentration was broken by an envelope falling out of his bag. Perplexed, he picked it up, staring at the name. His name. In Talia’s writing.

    He duly ripped it open and pulled out a sheet of paper. A letter.

    My Xander,

    I know, this is weird. I don’t even know why I’m writing this instead of talking to you, but it feels like the way to go. I feel terrible I’m not going to be there for Unscripted. And I know you’d kill me if I blew off my rehearsal. And…I feel terrible also for some of the things I said after the last Meltdown. Truth be told, I have no idea why I’ve left it this long to bring it up. Maybe I was waiting for the right moment. Maybe I thought I’d only make things worse. I don’t know.

    What I do know is that you are the kindest, funniest, most badass man I’ve ever known. And you’re sexy as fuuu…you know what I mean. I feel your love always, even when you were off doing your Green Arrow thing in Russia. I still felt it. But if there’s one thing that astounds me even more than the love I feel from you; your determination. You don’t know defeat. You refuse to acknowledge it. You see it as a setback, a challenge. A further challenge to overcome. And at Unscripted you go in as a challenger, looking to conquer one more mission. And you live your life on hard mode, always.

    Garth Black is as good as anyone you’ve ever faced. You know that. You also know enough within that squared circle to be able to keep him down for the three, the tap, or the choke. Of that I have little doubt.I also have no doubt that Garth knows the exact same things, and from the outside there is a very real perspective you walk out of this match with nothing. I could write that even in defeat, you would walk out with the ability to hold your head high after giving your all. But I know your all isn’t enough. You want more. Always. You’re always looking ahead. Well, do yourself a favour Xander, this time stop. Don’t look ahead. Don’t look for more. Look at what’s in front of you and understand that your greatest strength isn’t wanting more, but is wanting it more. It is the defining feature. Only you can answer what it truly is.

    You know how to get the job done, even if it wins you no fans in the process. And I understand why they mean so little to you. They didn’t treat you with the respect you once believed they should. Why should they get to claim you as their own?

    You will always be a Champion in my heart, but you will be a Champion in WZCW also. Of that I have zero doubt, and the question is when, not if. A question you and I already know the answer to.

    Titus started a legacy with the Eurasian Championship, and it will be carried on, but not by Garth Black. As good a performer as he is, he is not the man who will redefine that Championship. That man is you. Regardless of what stipulation gets picked, there is no doubt in my mind that you, Xander Knight, will walk out of Unscripted as the new Eurasian Champion.

    With all my love.

    Your Tal xxx
    Xander folded the letter, as a single droplet ran down his face. No matter how many times he’d read the letter that day, the love he felt from it still risked him collapsing in a heap of emotion. But it was a fine line that had another effect; strength. Power. He felt it flow through him as he thought of the words on the page. He closed his eyes, knowing exactly what he had to do.

    He set the letter down and exited the locker room, walking up to the curtain to the ramp. His moment was next. He knew what he needed to do. His dream wouldn't be the one to fade away.

    It was time for him to bring it home.
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    Garth Black enters the arena. He is immediately intercepted by Jonny Klamor.

    Klamor: Garth could I please have a moment of your time?

    Garth: Yes, sure, of course.

    Klamor: You weren’t here last week on Ascension or Meltdown. Do you have an apology for your fans that you neglected?

    Garth: As you know, I was not advertised to appear last week as I took some time for myself. All the Black pack know that as they follow me on social media, I appreciate that you are still living in the dark ages, JK, but the reality is that my fans understand me, and have all shared in the amazing experience that I lived. I made videos, shared pictures, it’s all part of the package these days.

    Klamor: Can you send me a video to watch on my phone?

    Klamor pulled a tatty, screen cracked Nokia 3210 from his pocket.

    Garth: The video isn’t Snake, so no. But I’ll show you the highlights on mine.

    Cut to video montage. New York by Frank Sinatra is playing.

    Start spreadin' the news,

    Footage of Black being introduced as Eurasian Champion.

    I'm leavin' today

    Black leaving the ring after beating Alice Adams

    I want to be a part of it

    Black looking at a crowd of people in Grand Central Station

    New York, New York

    Black in the middle of Time Square

    These vagabond shoes, are longing to stray

    Black’s tired and battered wrestling boots hang in the WZCW lockerroom, static, as a timelapse shows all the other wrestlers getting ready around them.

    Right through the very heart of it

    Black looks ponderously at the 9/11 memorial

    New York, New York

    Black chasing pigeons in Central Park

    I wanna to wake up, in a city that doesn't sleep

    Black on the Subway at 3am

    And find I'm king of the hill

    Black on top of the Statue of Liberty

    Top of the heap

    Black on Top of the Empire State Building

    These little town blues

    Xander walking to the ring with a face on

    Are melting away

    Callie beats Xander

    I'll make a brand new start of it

    Black at Ellis Island

    In old New York

    Black eats in Little Italy

    If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere

    Shot of Black on top of the Rockerfeller Centre fades into shot of Black holding title at Gold Rush

    It's up to you, New York, New York

    Black throws first pitch at Mets Game

    New York, New York

    Black gets in a Yellow Taxi

    I want to wake up in a city that never sleeps

    Black on the Brooklyn Bridge at night

    And find I'm a number one, top of the list

    Black next to Bull on Wall Street

    King of the hill, a number one

    Black rings bell at NYSE

    These little town blues, are melting away

    Xander nurses hand

    I'm gonna make a brand new start of it

    Black on Broadway, giving a tramp change

    In old New York

    Black at the American Museum of Natural History

    And If I can make it there

    Black on the Staten Island Ferry

    I'm gonna make it anywhere

    Cuts of all of Black’s big wins

    It's up to you, New York, New York, New York

    Black gets on flight at JFK and takes off as the city disappears below him.

    Klamor: I’ve got to say, that’s impressive. But I’ll be honest, it doesn’t really seem very ‘you’.

    Garth: I’ve been ‘me’ for 5 years and all it has brought me is misery. I’m learning to let go of the issues in the world and trying to take a more positive approach. It seems to be working – I’ve not lost in months and I am the proud owner of this.

    Black holds the Eurasian Championship a little too closely to Klamor’s face.

    Klamor: Shouldn’t a champion be taking his title a little bit more seriously?

    Garth: I’m deadly serious about everything. The reality is if you want to take things seriously, you have to be prepared to have some time for reflection and relaxation and if you don’t do that you end up wound too tightly, like Xander.

    Klamor: Xander, of course, is your next defense of the Eurasian title. What makes you say that he’s wound up too tightly?

    Garth: The man’s obsessed with the WZCW championship. I’ve been there, obviously, and to be honest he reminds me a little bit of myself, but the truth of the matter is and has always been that you can’t wait for opportunities to drop in your lap, you have to take them when they come your way. Xander has been waiting to be awarded a shot but has done nothing to deserve it.

    Klamor: He won this shot, at you.

    Garth: That’s true, and it was a commendable victory, but the reality is he’s since lost to one of the people he beat to get here because the man is incapable of focusing on the here and now.

    Klamor: So you have no long term ambitions then? Just beat Xander? Then what?

    Garth: You’re being obtuse, and you know it. Look I read his interview in Piledriver whilst I was waiting at the dentist - it was the only thing apart from a copy of Reader’s Digest from 1983 – and it’s clear that he’s ten steps down the road in his mind. Behaving like that will cost you big, and lacking focus will force a high price upon you.

    Look at my journey to the title that he craves so dearly – I didn’t beat Tastic at Gold Rush, so had to do it again.

    Klamor: So you admit you lost then? Finally!

    Garth: I didn’t say that. I’ve changed, history hasn’t. But anyway, I do have long term ambition, and that is to make sure that this title is held in the esteem that it has been elevated to for the foreseeable future.

    But the short-term focus has to be on a man who is a formidable opponent and worthy contender. I just hope for the audience’s sake, that he shows greater focus than he has, otherwise he’s not going to last very long.

    Klamor: Since when did you start caring about the audience?

    Garth: I always did. I always wanted the fans to be aware of the truth, but now I’ve decided to be the change I wish to see in the world, rather than asking for that change without walking the walk. I am now the representative of the Eurasian people and will represent them with great honour and pride, from France to Japan, from Iceland to Saudi Arabia, from Kyrgyzstan to Kazakhstan, because I am the Eurasian People’s Champion.

    Klamor: Of course, the nature of Unscripted is that the audience, be they Eurasian or otherwise, have a much greater vested interest in every match up. And in yours in particular, they may well be directly involved should the fans bring the weapons stipulation be the vote leader.

    Garth: I’d expect nothing less from our audience. They are always vested in everything we do, and I think we will put on a spectacle regardless of the winning option. If it is metal mayhem, then Xander is going to see that the relaxed version of Garth Black is only extant outside of the ring, and that in there I’m every bit the war machine I ever was.

    Should Becky be the referee, I guess we’ll see if the hatchet has been truly buried and if we can move on together for the better of the company. I don’t for a second doubt her professionalism, but it would be intriguing for the crowd I’m sure.

    But what better way to prove to the audience that I am a reformed character than to put my fate in their hands. They want to give Xander a baseball bat? Fine. They want to give me a fly swatter? Fine. But I don’t think so. The fans want competition and to see the best man win, and that’s exactly what they are going to get.

    Klamor: Well it remains to be seen what will become at Unscripted.

    Garth: It does, and that’s the beauty of a show like this. However, I’d be a liar if I said it completely lived up to its name. Because even though I don’t know how I’ll beat Xander, or in what kind of match, with what kind of weapons and I don’t even know which referee will raise my hand in victory I can still be sure of one thing. There are a million different plot twists and directions that Unscripted could take, but the one thing that is scripted is that they all end in the same last line: “And still the WZCW Eurasian Champion…”

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