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Thread: WWE changes their WrestleMania 36 plans for Becky Lynch

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    WWE changes their WrestleMania 36 plans for Becky Lynch

    The original plan for WM36 was Becky vs Charlotte, and WWE would keep them away from each other for the year.

    However since they're already doing Becky vs Charlotte again at Money in the Bank, the match has been scrapped. It currently has no replacement.

    The report also notes that WWE plans on Becky still being the top woman at WM36.

    I'm not sure who Becky will face at WM36. A returning heel Sasha would be interesting, but that seems unlikely. None of the other women are ready, but they have 11 months.

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    After MITB, they most definitely need to cool it with Becky and Charlotte for a couple of years.

    As is the case with the men, in many situations, WWE has some legitimately talented women. Ruby Riott's potential hasn't even been scratched, Sonya Deville is also somebody that's shown glimmers of greatness that could be further enhanced, Asuka has the goods, Kairi Sane is a fun babyface, Io Shirai could be great when she hits the main roster, Shayna Baszler has all the potential in the world to be a fantastic heel on the main roster, Bianca Belair has the charisma, attitude and athleticism to deliver against Becky, Lacey Evans is progressing nicely and maybe she'll be ready by WrestleMania next year. A heel Sasha Banks, if she and WWE can get over their spat, could work as Sasha is better as a heel. Maybe even a repackaged Bayley could be something to think about. As usual, Vince has a lot of potentially good options but don't be surprised if he goes for someone who he believes has a great look more than anything else. Of course, to be fair in this case, Vince hasn't pushed Lana or Mandy Rose to the moon despite the fact that they're both gorgeous blond bombshells.

    A number of women I just listed could be big stars, they just lack the commitment of consistent booking. And yeah, I know I blame Vince a lot but it's his company. It's his chocolate factory, it's his universe, it's his kingdom he rules with an iron fist, it's him who makes all the decisions ultimately so yeah, when something goes wrong, he's the go to guy because that's how he's structured his reality in WWE. That lack of consistency is HUGELY responsible for why so many talent flourish in NXT yet wilt on the main roster.
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    LOL. WWE has 11 months to worry about this. Way too early on figuring out Lynch's, Charlotte's, or Banks' matches at Mania. Let us first worry about Money in the Bank before even considering Mania 36.
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    Talk about long term planning, who's to say Becky's popularity won't drop to nothing in five months. Plans can change.
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    The female roster is so thin that Becky is all but guaranteed a big match at Mania anyway. Especially considering she's one third of the first headline WrestleMania matches.

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