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Thread: Why WWE brought Goldberg back

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milenko View Post
    I'm guessing it has something to do with money and Saudi officials wanting to see him
    Well, according to some reports I've read when the whole deal with the Saudis was first announced, the crown prince, can't remember his name off hand, was mostly a big fan during the days of the 90s and the Attitude Era and specifically requested that certain stars be part of the card, if possible. To show how unfamiliar he was with the product, it's been said that he asked for Yokozuna to be part of the first card and was unaware that Yoko, AKA Rodney Anoa'i, had been dead since late October 2000.

    These shows really aren't for the fans when you get right down to it, that's been obvious due to the low quality. The Saudi government, with the crown prince leading things, is supposedly trying to change its image, initiate some progressive changes within the country and culture, and WWE's shows have a little something to do with that. WWE's said to be paid more for each of these shows than they get for WrestleMania, so Vince is gonna keep on, keepin' on as long as the money keeps flowing.

    Goldberg was an embarrassment at Super Showdown, there's simply no way around it and there's no way to defend it. There are rumors, and I stress rumors, that his match with Taker was supposed to go 20 minutes but that Vince was so disgusted by everything that he got in the ref's ear and told him to tell them to take it home. Vince may have been disgusted, but I have trouble believing that this match was scheduled to go for 20 minutes. Goldberg has NEVER been able to work a one on one match that's half decent match for that long and I doubt Taker's body can withstand the physical strain. All in all, however, Taker was holding up quite well physically, he's obviously been able to work out and keep himself healthy via his diet as, a few years ago, he would've never tried doing Old School. As for Goldberg, he was never great in the first place but he's now officially in his 50s and he's something of a danger to himself and others. I mean, according to Goldberg himself, he almost knocked himself headbutting the door to his dressing room as part of his hulking up routine while he was on his way out to address the fans during the whole build up with his matches with Brock Lesnar. He even cut himself open a little. A lot of fans have been ridiculing him via social media over SSD and Matt Riddle has just been all over the guy not only for his lack of ability, but for trying to pass himself off as some sort of MMA expert.
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