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Thread: The New WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions

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    The New WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions

    One of the segments announced for Tuesday's show is Shane McMahon announcing what to do in regards to the now vacant SmackDown Tag team Championship, since the Hardy Boys vacated the titles due to Jeff taking time off needed for surgery.

    My guess is that Shane will award the titles to himself and Elias. This is a means of getting more heel heat and, maybe, it'll give WWE time to figure out what they're gonna do with the blue brand's tag team division, which is now quite weak. Big E is out injured and Kofi has his duty as WWE Champion with Xavier Woods basically being his valet for the time being, the Usos have gone over to Raw, Gallows & Anderson have gone over to Raw, Sanity has been broken up and scattered to the four winds due to the Superstar Shakeup, and this pretty much only leaves the B Team, Heavy Machinery and the Colons as the active teams left on the blue brand. I haven't seen the Colons in so long that I don't really even remember what they look like, the B Team is a pure comedy mid-card tag team and Heavy Machinery is on its way there as they act like a couple of meathead goofballs. So yeah, the blue brand's tag team division in insanely weak at this point, so much that I'd love it if it were announced that they were merging the tag team divisions as it's going to be a long, long while, in my estimation, before SmackDown gets its shit together as far as having a passable tag team division goes. With such a weak division, there's really no justification for a second set of titles. However, that's just a pipe dream as Vince is committed to the notion of as much of a brand split as possible. Since they're not doing anything, why not just have Harper and Rowan reform as a team and at least one team who're both strong and former champions.

    But yeah, I'm guessing Shane and Elias will be walking around for quite some time as champions before someone ultimately comes along, maybe from NXT or even NXT UK and relieves them of their titles. Bring up O'Reilly and Fish from NXT or Moustache Mountain from NXT UK or both.
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    Hadn't considered Elias and McMahon. They'd be my preferred choice. I thought there was more mileage with Shane and The Mix as a team before their inevitable split.

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