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Thread: WWE Money In The Bank: WWE United States Championship - Joe (c) VS. Mysterio

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    WWE Money In The Bank: WWE United States Championship - Joe (c) VS. Mysterio

    This will be the first real title match between the two, given that the one they had a WrestleMania was cut to literally about 1 minute due to time constraints, so this could be a fun outing. Joe is a great bad guy and, as is often the case in WWE, he still really hasn't hit anywhere close to his full potential. Joe carries himself like, sounds like, looks like and comes off like a badass who'll slap you in the mouth as soon as look at you, which is why I'd LOVE for him to "attack" Rey's son Dominic during this match. I know the kid's training to be a wrestler and he's at least 21, maybe 22, so at some point late in the match, have Joe deliver some good shots to him as a means of distracting Mysterio or put him in the Clutch to put him out for a bit. You know, just a little something to make Joe seem more despicable.

    Of course, they may be saving that to do as a means of goading Mysterio into a rematch if Joe drops the title at MITB. Rey is going to be treated quite well by WWE since they don't want to lose anyone, especially someone that's a big Attitude Era and 2000s talent like Mysterio as he's one of the very few viable ones left. My guess is that Dominic is being trained in WWE, maybe on the downlow, in order to become part of WWE at some point, as part of the company doing all it can to keep Rey from leaving. Based on his current deal, I think Rey signed for 3 years but can opt out of the last 18 months after the first 18 months. So Rey is making big money, he's going to be used well overall, which is bound to include a title run or two, and maybe helping secure some sort of future for his son in WWE. At any rate, I think Rey's kid is gonna get punked out by Joe at some soon as a means of keeping the feud going.
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    Can't say I need to see Rey get his win back after Joe scored a decisive victory at Mania.

    I suppose Dominic plays a part in the conclusion. I can't see him becoming a full time character so the sensible choice would be for Joe to murder him.

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