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Thread: The Greatest Grandest Lethal Lottery: Blood Money

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    Alice is seen sitting on her couch, glass of wine in her hands, she stares bored at the TV screen, the show she was watching finally finishes with a.. very unsatisfying ending. She opens up her laptop and goes onto YouTube, clicks onto her profile and hits the Live button. She quickly fixes her big messy bun and hits the button to start recording.

    “Hello darlings, did you miss me? I know its been awhile since we've had a really good chat, but, I have just been swamped with work and getting ready to try and… Play a bigger role in WZCW. Now I know I have been a little naughty and went back on my word about… Shudders HIM. But I promise you, I know what I’m doing. This little ol' girl has a few tricks up her designer sleeves. You see… Alice raises her shoulder; her oversized shirt falls further down her arm what a little female ingenuity can accomplish? I mean, I am a force to be reckoned with. I kicked ass my debut match; sure I had some bumps along the way, with my last couple of matches, but, after winning my last fatal 5 way with nothing but my brain and God given talent. Hell, that was really hard. Pouts I mean sure, I had a little help from my little helper, but I feel like I deserve something for my time and efforts, because heaven knows I did NOT put this gorgeous body in harm’s way for a pat on the back and a good job sticker. I think I need some new gold to wrap around my waist. I know I can hold my own for a title shot. I mean I was a 2 time Mayhem 24/7 champ.”

    Alice reads threw some comments and spots a fan asking how she felt about Lethal Lottery being held in Jeddah, she wears a somber look on her face.

    “Yes my loves, I feel your concerns emanating through my screen, but fear not. Do you really think a misogynistic country like Saudi Arabia kill my vibe? Giggles oh no honey, you see, technically, Allah wants us all to appreciate his beauty and well; just look at me, I’m pretty sure he'd be a little peeved to have all this covered. smiles sweetly don’t worry, my momma raised me right and to respect where I am, so in honor of my mom and in keeping true to me, I had my very good friend make me special outfits for my little work outing, picture it boys and girls sheer satin Dresses and hijabs.

    Alice laughs and scrolls through more comments spotting one who mentions Kole.

    “So I noticed multiple people asking me about Keithiekins; it’s a very unfortunate business arrangement, but a little muscle never hurt anybody, I mean, who else am I going to have pick up my dry cleaning and buy me snacks? Besides, having friends in very high places helps, although, I don’t think I’m ready to give up pizza and carbs anytime soon, like, who doesn’t like bread? Weird.”

    Alice looks at the clock on her bedside table, the neon green letters flashed 12:30 a.m.

    “Well would you look at the time, I need to get my beauty sleep. Tomorrow I pack for Lethal Lottery, I’M ready for it, I can already see that beautiful heavyweight title hugging my hips. Goodnight my loves, sweet dreams.”

    Alice blows one final kiss and turns the live feed off

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    The grainy black & white picture comes into focus we see Milenko walking through The Dark Carnival with someone in a dark hooded robe.

    'The Great' Milenko: You don't understand I have to go back to WZCW. My Master isn't done with what he wants to do.

    At the mention of WZCW the robed man grunts in anger. Milenko smiles in response to the other man's anger and continues talking.

    'The Great' Milenko: I forgot you didn't leave WZCW on good terms did you?

    The man grunted & started shaking his arms wildly as the smile on Milenko's face gets even wider.

    'The Great' Milenko: As I'm sure you're aware the Lethal Lottery is coming up. What you may not know is for the 2nd time is the fact that the World Championship will be on the line.

    Milenko looks at the man walking next to him for any reaction to his mention of the World Title and frowns when no reaction is forth coming. After a few seconds of thought a sick smile creeps over his face.

    'The Great' Milenko: I know you have two brothers out there. I know the three of you came from an abusive home where your alcoholic father routinely emotionally and physically abused all of you. Instead of doing what you should have done as the eldest and protected both your brothers you chose between the two. You chose the younger of the two, David I believe his name is. My question is why? Why did you choose David over you other brother Cory?

    At the mention of his two brothers the man grunts in anger and reaches for Milenko's throat only to be stopped by the fact that his hands are not only shackled together but attached to a chain wrapped around his waist. They walk in silence for a few minutes before coming upon Milenko's lone disciple Edgar leading a giant of a man by a leash in the other direction. As soon the man with Milenko sees the giant he runs towards Edgar & the giant only to be stopped short by Milenko quickly coming between them.

    'The Great' Milenko: Leave them alone, they have somewhere to be and they can't be late.

    Milenko motions for Edgar to continue in the direction he was walking while he forcibly makes the hooded man turn his back on them and continue their own stroll. Milenko ignores the muffled screaming coming from the hood and continues talking about his return to WZCW.

    'The Great' Milenko: Not to long ago my Master The Wraith told me I need to return to WZCW and i needed to do it at the 2019 Lethal Lottery in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Do you know why he chose the first ever WZCW event in the Middle East?

    Milenko stops like he's waiting for an answer but when all he gets is furious breathing he continues like he never stopped talking.

    'The Great' Milenko: The Wraith chose The Lottery because the veil between his realm of Fear & Terror is thinnest where there is an over abundance of those two emotions. What better place on earth for him to make his presence known than The Middle East? Fear & Terror have been at the forefront of that entire region for decades. You remember the stories your father used to tell. Tales of what he and his brothers in arms were forced to do in Afghanistan to innocents that had the horrible luck of being in a village that may or may not have housed enemy insurgents. In fact it was those memories that drove your father to Alcoholism wasn't it?

    The man ignores him so they again start walking in silence, stopping to look at one of the few clean things in the entire carnival. A huge mural of Milenko with the WZCW Mayhem Championship over his shoulder.

    'The Great' Milenko: The Mayhem Championship. A title we both held proudly but I need something more. You may have been content with wallowing in blood and mediocrity but The Wraith has special plans for me, plans that involve the WZCW World Championship.

    As heavy breathing comes from inside the hood Milenko looks over at him and reaches to lower the man's hood but stops when the man jerks his head away. Milenko gives him a withering look and when he reaches his hand out again the man lets him lower the hood to show the world former Apostle of Chaos, former WZCW Mayhem Champion his elder brother Alex Bowen with a bit gag in his mouth. Milenko smiles at the unbridled fury in his brother's eyes. Milenko condesendingly pats him on the cheek as he abruptly starts walking back the same way they came.

    'The Great' Milenko: Lets go Alex, I know you recognized our dear younger brother David a little bit ago and I'm dying for a complete family reunion.

    Milenko let's out a shrill high pitched cackle that can only be called evil as he makes sure Alex is following him. The last thing we see before the screen slowly whites out is Alex staring daggers into his brother's back.
    Something something, join WZCW

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    "How do you fall of a 20 foot high cage on to a wooden canvas?"

    "Surviving it is a defiance against God"


    ???: ............r....... astic.................. Mr. ..........tic................ Mr. Tastic.

    Matt: Ah!!

    My eyes burst open. Startled, I see myself in a hospital bed. I see an IV sticking out of me. The sudden shock makes me move my neck. And just that is enough. I feel the jolt of pain course through my back Pure agony engulfs me all of the sudden as I start to cry in pain.

    Matt: Ahhh!! What the hell happened?!

    ???: Mr. Tastic, calm down! Nurse! The painkillers are wearing off!

    Not realizing whats going on, I panic and try to move. But its just more and more pain. I can't remember where it came from. I just know it's there. But suddenly........


    The impact of a wooden stick goes through my head. I totally forget about the pain in my back. Now I focus entirely on the pain on my forehead. I stop moving and clutch my face.

    ???: Sir!! The patient is hurt!

    Granpa: He's my grandson. I can hit him for being a misbehaving idiot if I want to.

    The voice. Granpa's voice calms me down. I know I'm safe. At least that's what I think. Despite the bludgeoning I just got.

    Matt: What the fuck happened to me?

    Granpa: You fell. Like 20 feet. You broke the ring.

    Matt: Did I win?

    Granpa: Did you win?! 'Mijo, it's a miracle you're even alive! You failed miserably!!

    Those words cut deep. Deeper than I think he ever intended. The pain in my head and back went away the second he said that. Now I just felt pain in my heart. A wound so deep. My throat tightens. I feel my heart skip a beat. Tears swell up in my face. The realization. I threw everything away. And failed.

    Matt: Granpa.......... I feel I did something horrible.

    Granpa: You gave up on someone in order to pursue a dream, 'mijo. Maybe you didn't exactly do it "by the book", maybe it was horrible. But you did follow your instincts.

    Matt: My instincts led me to hurt my best friend, threaten his girlfriend and...... well apparently ruin my back and my reputation. Everyone was right about me.

    I sighed heavily as emotion poured into me. To confess my deepest fear.

    Matt: I'm a failure.

    There was a silence in the room when I said that. Even the doctor gave me a quizzical look. Does he even know who I am? Judging by his reaction, I think he does. But I don't think he dares to intervene. My dear old grandfather though.....

    Granpa: You made one mistake, boy. You've gotten up from worse. That makes you a failure?

    Matt: I had everything I could ever want. Success, students, future, a best friend who loved me. I threw all that away on a pipedream. I lost the match. I have nothing to show for it. I gambled away millions for a trinket. I deserve to be here in pain.

    Doctor: You should consider yourself lucky, Mr. Tastic. You already suffered herniated disks in 2013 being Powerbombed out of the ring by Rush. The fact that all you have are bruises and a stiff back right now is an honest to goodness miracle, Mr. Tastic.

    I sat on those words. "A miracle" he said. After all I did. I basically walk out unscathed. No. I don't buy it. I refuse to believe I was allowed to just walk away defeated in move on. Because it doesn't feel that way at all. The weight of failure. I feel it. Like falling under water with an anchor tied to your leg. You try to swim up but you just keep sinking. And on top of that, I feel the guilt taking the air right out of my lungs. This isn't a miracle. It's punishment. Karma. It's what the hell I deserve.

    Granpa: I want you to think about what's next for you, son. Think it well. This very dangerous. The school was very costly. You may still have lots of money saved up, but this is the most you've ever wasted.

    Truth be told, I just ignored what Granpa said. I just dwelled on the doctor's words about a miracle. This doesn't feel positive. At all. I can walk just fine but I feel more broken than ever. As the days have gone by, I've gone back home. I walk every day to the store. Under the sun. I slump over, my face pointing to the floor, wearing shades indoors just trying to hide my face but I hear the whispers. I hear the people talk. There's times when I hear voices. I just assume they're badmouthing me for my choices. Then I get close, just to realize that they're bitching about the hot weather. That fall. It reminded me. Just how emotionally vulnerable I really am. I was so easily led to believe my self worth was challenged because my best friend had two titles at once. I led my envy consume me so easily that it's fucking embarrassing the moment I think about it. I burnt thousands of dollars and the future of a dozen students. I crushed the only person I wasn't related to who treated me with genuine care and love. Because I wanted to win a title. I don't think I could ever dare look at him again. He beat me. Deservedly so.


    After many days, I was called to WZCW HQ. I didn't know what to say, really. I was terrified at the idea of showing my face in public. In front of the people who used to look up to me. How the hell could I just walk in there after what happened? Empty handed. So I turned down the calls. Over and over again. Eventually I just got a text message. From Becky Serra. She just asked me if there was a place to meet. I told her there's a park in my town. I paid for her flight, had her driven over and all that. Told we'd meet at midnight when there would just be the coffee stand. The only place in the west side of Puerto Rico that seems to serve straight up iced coffee.

    Becky: You realize we took your medical expenses and the repairs to the cage and ring off your downside, right?

    Matt: You're here to bill me? I mean, it's fine and all. But that's it?

    Becky: I would not have come here if it didn't mean I was worried about you. Which should mean a lot given we don't always see eye to eye. How are you feeling?

    Matt: My back is doing fine.

    Becky: I wasn't asking about your back. I was asking about you.

    I sighed. I just wanted to say it at that point. And be done with it. I don't want to face anyone anymore. After nearly 10 years, I feel it in me. I'm done. I can't bare the feeling of being judged if I show my face in a locker room again.

    Matt: Becky........ I don't want to return to WZCW. I'm done. Please. Release me.

    I see Becky sit on that. She sips her drink. There's a long, awkward moment of silence before she responds.

    Becky: Matt........ I've known you for years. I may not always be a fan of your attitude. But...... I've always been proud of how far you and Mikey-

    Matt: Please. Don't. Don't compare us. I-I can't.

    Becky: Fine. I've always been proud of the success you managed to achieve. Regardless. You've worked with us for so many years non-stop. On so many times you'd express how frustrated you were with your position. You always did your best. I know this time it hurt you emotionally in a way I don't think I could ever really understand. But you're no failure. You made one bad choice. We all make mistakes. It's not about making them. It's how we recover from them that defines us as people.

    Matt: Becky, I hurt the people I love. I don't think I can ever really get over that.

    Becky: I get that. There is no getting over it. There should never be. Use it as a learning experience.

    Matt: I've heard that one before. Learning from your mistakes. That'll never really take away the damage. The damage I did to Mikey. The damage I did to Kate. The damage I did to Granpa, the school, myself or even the damn ring that now has my ass printed on it. You change the wood, but that structure still has my dent on it.

    Becky: Never forget, Matt. You did wrong, but that doesn't stop you from doing good. I really would hate to see the man to hold the most titles ever in the history of WZCW go out on such a whimper.

    Matt: What exactly do you suppose I do?

    Becky: What you're good at, Matt. The fact that you're back is fine is a miracle. I think it's a final chance for you to take. We're going straight into Lethal Lottery. For the World title and---

    I could not believe what I just heard. The memory just rushed right into me when she said it. Lethal Lottery. For the World title. Just like so many years back. When Mikey saved me by carrying me. And I won it. Lethal Lottery. And the World title. In the same match. This does not sound like a miracle at all. It sounds like a reminder of what I once had and so selfishly gave up.

    Matt: I'm sorry. What? What did you just say? Lethal Lottery? For the World title? How? Why? Did Kagura vacate it?

    Becky: No. See....... I don't know how to say this but...... You know how Mr. Banks and his kid Tony Mancini and all that? Well turns out there was an investigation, he may not have been on the up and up and well...... we're a bit strapped. So....... we took money from the Saudi's.

    Matt: You took money. From the Saudi's. Blood money. I've...... What the fuck, Becky?

    Becky: Women are going to compete, I swear. We're even paying Callie extra to wear a skimpy outfit. My hope is the Saudi's try something, get caught and are forced to pay us even more money to settle.

    Matt: Becky, I'm here confessing my depression and you're talking to me about taking money from guys who kil-You know what, whatever. No. I'm not doing it. I'm done.

    Becky: I hope the reason you say that is because of the Saudi's and not because you're too much of a coward to face the roster after betraying Mikey. Are you afraid to see him again, Matt? Is that it? I kinda expected better from the Hall Of Famer.

    She was trying to goad me. My sense of competition boiled but at the same time, the guilt and shame weight down on me again. I do not want to do it. I don't care if I should move on like everything is fine. It isn't.

    Becky: Matt, I get it if you don't feel you deserve to apologize. That's fine. Move on. You left it all in the ring. Mikey was the better man that night. You win some. You lose some. The gambit didn't pay off. Others in the future will.

    Matt: It's not that easy, Becky. My heart just twists inside me just from thinking about it. I can't leave my house without feeling like every person is judging me. Going back to WZCW, facing everyone........ You don't want to think you're worthless and then have people confirm it, Becky. You'd never want that on your mind.

    Becky then does something I never expected from her. She grabs my hand. The shock scared me. I felt it course through me. At first it was haunting. But after figuring out what was going on...... It felt comforting. I embraced it. I closed my hand in return.

    Becky: We've gone through a lot. You me, Mikey, Ty, Vance, Stacey, Titus. We're a family. Family fights. But no matter what, we come together too. I mean, look who's coming back for the Lottery. Chris KO, Steven Holmes........ Milenko........

    I let go of the hand hearing that and turn incredulously towards Becky. I mean, really? Again?

    Becky: You like to say you're the one true constante, Matt. You're not gonna let them take the spotlight after leaving and coming back so many times, are you?

    Matt: I.......... Becky I........ I keep hearing how it's a miracle that I'm fine after that fall. I just think this is all just some form of divine punishment. Now you want me to just waltz back in?

    Becky: Maybe it is divine punishment, Matt. I know you. You own up to your mistakes. Get up and face them. Who knows. You might win the World title.

    Matt: I know better than to think that dangling carrot is just that easy to reach.

    Becky: You got it once before. Listen. You might feel lonely. You might feel like you threw away your friends. That you don't deserve anyone. It's not true. Matt............ I'm your friend. Whether you come back or not. Talk to me if you need to. If you don't want to compete at Lethal Lottery, it's fine. But I will not accept this as a retirement. I'll give you some space though. When you feel like coming back, let me know to book the flight. But I feel it's best you face your so called divine punishment rather than slouch away like this. OK? Take me out to some nice spots tomorrow before I leave, OK? Bye.

    Becky leaves and I just sit there. I think about it. Facing my divine punishment. Going into Lethal Lottery to face probably about 29 other men. And probably even Mikey. I don't want to but...... I feel I have to. It's not about my legacy. It's just...... The guilt just sinks me. I decided to pick up my phone and stare into it. Long and hard. But I don't do anything. Then behind me. Granpa shows up again. Late at night. He's right there. Again.

    Granpa: You had no issue betraying Mikey. Doing everything in your power to try and beat him. Yeah, you failed. But no one can ever doubt you were sure about what you did. So why are you now so hesitant to own up to what you did?

    I unblock the phone and text Becky: "Book me for LL". I get a quick thumbs up reply. I exit that chat. I go into one I haven't used in a very long time. Mikey's. Nothing but silly memes and sex jokes. My guts curl just looking at them but I stomach it and I type. "I'm sorry." But.................. I don't hit send.

    Granpa: What's the matter?

    Matt: Live Mas is dead. I killed it. It's my fault. I just realized..... I shouldn't try to bring it back. Mikey deserves someone better than me. And I should own up to my mistakes in person.

    Granpa: What will you do if you don't meet him until the Lottery?

    Matt: I don't know.

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